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Guide to web-sites and blog-sites - related to Reprographics Business and Industry

In the banner heading on “Reprographics 101”, we say that Reprographics 101 is devoted to providing … “Facts and opinions related to the reprographics business and the reprographics industry as well as articles and information related to the A/E/C industry served by reprographers. This blog is intended for reprographers, for vendors who sell to reprographers and for analysts and investors who are interested in learning more about the reprographics industry.”

In an effort to assist those who devote time to researching the reprographics industry – and the A/E/C Industry served by firms in the reprographics business – we’ve compiled a guide to web-sites and blog-sites that may be of interest. There are different “sections” in this guide.

From time to time, we will update this guide. You may want to “bookmark” this particular page, for, if you do that and we update the guide, the guide you access will contain the most updated version.

If we’ve missed some sites that you believe should be included, please let us know that by using the “comment” feature.

Resources for information about Economics and Trends affecting the A/E/C Industry. Every Reprographer should be aware what’s going on in the A/E/C customer world.

U.S. Census Bureau – Statistics for Construction Spending (U.S.)


AIA (American Institute of Architects) web-page devoted to “Consensus Construction Forecasts”


Associated General Contractors of America – Construction Economics


Associated Builders & Contractors – Construction Economics


Engineering News Record (a McGraw-Hill publication)

NOTE: at this web-site address, you will find, and can click on, links to “regional news” for these different regions in the U.S.; California, Mid-West, Mountain States, New York, Southeast, Southwest, and Texas/Louisiana


Reed Construction Data

NOTE: at this web-site address, you will find a page that contains links to “construction economics and other information for each state in the U.S. and for all of the Canadian provinces


CoStar Group# 1 Commercial Real Estate Information Company


Information about technology affecting, or that will affect, the A/E/C Industry. Reprographers should be aware of what A/E/C customers are doing.

AECbytes is an online publication launched by Dr. Lachmi Khemlani in Nov 2003. It is focused on researching, analyzing, and reviewing technology products and services for the building industry


Constructech magazine is the construction industry advocate focused on the technology needs of the construction professional dedicated to driving technology initiatives forward.


Bluebeam Software makes smart, simple solutions for paperless workflows that leverage the PDF format. (Site has numerous case studies of A/E firms and GC’s who are using Bluebeam)


Blog-site for HKS team members (HKS is one of the largest Architecture firms in the U.S., and, for that matter, in the whole wide world.)


Information about what’s going on the world of printing and imaging; who’s doing what, imaging software and equipment, trade-show events.


- web-site containing news for and about the wide-format imaging industry, including news releases about “who’s doing what,” trade-show events, wide-format imaging software and equipment vendors, and supplies, etc.



- web-site of mostly technical information and reviews about wide-format printing technology


Web-site for Memjet, a very exciting developing print technology (that will affect both small-format and large-format reprographics and reprographers)


Blog-sites and Web-sites devoted to providing information about the reprographics business and industry, including opinions about what’s happening …. and going to happen in the world in which Reprographers live. (A few of the blogs and web-sites listed are “printing industry” related.)

“Reprographics 101” - Blog authored by a washed-up, down-and-out, so-called-reprographics-industry-expert (a retired reprographer)


“The Blueprint” - John Cronin’s blog-site – Observations and Opinions regarding the AEC commercial reprographics industry (John is the owner of PLP Digital Systems)


“BuildIt” - Blog authored by Jared Willis, Sales Director at Barker Blue Digital Imaging (Jared is a bright young man with good insights into issues reprographers face)


PEiR Group Point of View - Blog authored by Shaun Meany, President of ARC’s PEiR Group division


Whattheythink.com -

web—site devoted to the printing and graphics industry


Digital Nirvana - blog-site with various articles about the printing industry


Managed Print Services -

Information about “managed print services”


U.S.A.-based Reprographics Trade Associations (Europe-based trade associations are listed in a different section, scroll further down to see that other section.)

IRgA - International Reprographics Association (U.S.A-based association of reprographers)


Eastern Region Reprographics Association

(trade association for Eastern U.S.A. reprographers)


Central Region Reprographics Association (trade association for reprographers located in the middle part of the U.S.A.)


Western Region Reprographics Association (trade association for Western U.S.A. reprographers)


RSA – Member-owned Trade association of Reprographers


ReproMAX – Member-owned Trade association of Reprographers


The PEiR Group - Trade association of Reprographers (this association is owned by ARC)


This section contains information about publicly-traded companies involved in the reprographics business and industry and includes links to web-sites that contain financial analyses, financial results and press releases.

PAA Research - web-site of an independent financial research firm that provides investment ideas backed by extensive fundamental and primary research to professional money managers and high net worth individuals. The company strives to generate action-oriented investment ideas with high absolute return potential. PAA Research generates very in-depth reports about ARC and conducts surveys of reprographers (subscription required)


Press Releases for Service Point Solutions (Spain-based parent company)


Financial results for Service Point Solutions (Spain-based parent company)


Press Releases for American Reprographics Co (ARC)


SEC Filings for American Reprographics Co (ARC)


Financial results for OCE


If you are in the reprographics business and need a print-partner in Eastern/Central Europe, this info is for you.

Web-site for Copy General Europe - for reprographers who want a knowledgeable print-partner in Russia, Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic; contact Jan Halik, Regional Sales Director at jan.halik@copygeneral.eu


Europe-based Reprographics Trade Associations (U.S.A.-based trade associations are listed in a different section, scroll up to see that other section.) Please note: most of the links below will take you web-sites that are in foreign languages. Using “Google Translate”, you can generally convert foreign languages to English!)

GlobalGrafixNet - Trade association of Reprographers (this association is owned by Service Point)


Trade association for reprographers in Europe

Federation of European Reprographics Associations


Trade association for reprographers in Austria(?) -

Fachverband Reprografie Osterreich


Trade association for reprographers in France

- Syndicat de L’Impression Numerique et des Services Graphiques


Trade association for reprographers in The Netherlands -

Vereniging Repro Nederland


Trade association for reprographers in Spain -

Asociación Española de Reprografía


Trade association of owner-operated reprographics and copy service companies in Germany and Austria - Reprografie


Trade association of reprographics and copy service companies in Switzerland - CopyPrintSuisse


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