Monday, February 28, 2011

(Print) Volumes Shrinking, (Print) Volumes Shifting – To Where?

The “Photizo Group” is involved in the MPS (managed-print-services) business, and, since the MPS business is of interest to reprographers, the IRgA has, again this year, arranged for Ed Crowley, CEO of The Photizo Group”, to present at the upcoming IRgA Convention.

This is the title of the “breakout session” that Ed will be presenting:

“MPS – Why This Is Key to the Growth of Your Firm”

Today, I found an article at “” (which is operated by the Photizo Group) that I think reprographers would be interested in reading, especially those who are interested in “MPS.”

This is the title of the article:

“Volumes Shrinking, Volumes Shifting – To Where?”

By: Rob Sethre | February 28th, 2011

And, here are the two “lead in” paragraphs:

“Most imaging experts agree that overall output volumes are declining. But for several reasons (see previous blogs), this is not the end of the world – or even the end of the industry. In its most straightforward version, MPS is the key strategy to capture a bigger piece of a smaller pie – actually, the whole pie. Also, MPS offers additional new revenue streams in the software and services space to compensate for dwindling revenues in the core business area.”

“But there is still another aspect. While MPS has traditionally concentrated on unifying the printer and copier/MFP worlds, the central print room (CRD) is still often overlooked.”

You can access the complete article at this link:

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