Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Results for Survey #1 (Reprographics 101 - General Survey)

Results for Survey #1 (Reprographics 101 - General Survey) are posted on Google Docs.

You can access the Survey Results by clicking on this link:

My comments about the survey:

(1) After I first posted the Survey, I posted several articles. Posting multiple articles after the Survey was posted made it not-so-easy for blog-visitors to even know that we were conducting a Survey. I’ll have to think about a solution for that, as I will probably post additional surveys in the future.

(2) I first posted the Survey on Thursday, January 27th. Late last night, Tuesday, February 1st, I printed the Survey results, and, this morning (Feb 2), I posted, on Google Docs, the Survey results through Feb 1st. I’m not planning to post further updates to the Survey results.

(3) My further comments about the Survey results:

a. I’d like to thank one of my ex-partners (who is a retired reprographer), the one who is a wiseass, for being the only respondent to say “I could care less” to the question about whether blog-visitors would care or not care if the blog was discontinued. (MF, you know who you are!)

b. Between the time the Survey was first posted and now (6 days later), approximately 140 visitors visited the Reprographics 101 blog-site. But, only 32 chose to participate in the Survey. Apathy? Not-so-easy to get people to participate in a survey?

c. In the Survey, I asked a question about what “other blogs or web-sites” people go to, to learn about what’s going on in the reprographics business and industry. 5 people indicated “other”, but I failed to ask them to share the names of those “other” blogs or web-sites they visit. If anyone would like to share with others what “other” blogs or web-sites they visit to learn about the business and industry, please kindly share those “other” sites by using the “comment” section for this post.

d. 94% of the Survey respondents indicated that they go to “Reprographics 101” to learn about what’s going on in the reprographics business and industry. That ranked “Reprographics 101” the highest in terms of where people go to, to learn about what’s going on in the industry. I’ve shared the results of the Survey with Shaun Meany (PEiR Grop Point of View blog author) and with John Cronin (author of The Blueprint and Pres of PLP) and with Jared Willis (author of the blog, Buildit). I’d encourage them to write more articles on their blogs, as that would, I think, increase their readership numbers.

e. When asked “which blog or web-site is the MOST informative,”:

i. 25 out of 32 indicated “Reprographics 101”

ii. 1 out of 32 indicated “ARC”

iii. 1 out of 32 indicated “RSA”

iv. 1 out of 32 indicated “ReproMAX”

v. 4 out of 32 gave these responses, “none”, “other” and “impossible to say” and “haven’t visited much”(?)

f. 23 out of 32 indicated that they visit “Reprographics 101” more than once a month; several indicated that they visit several times a month or every day.

g. To the question I asked, “would you be offended if Reprographics 101 had advertisements?”, those who did respond (31 out of 32) said that they would not be offended. Note: While I thank you for that response, the likelihood of “Reprographics 101” carrying ads is highly remote, since I don’t know how to implement advertising on a blog-site. (I’m not that smart, as most of you know.)

h. 100% responded that the author of Reprographics 101” is deserving of, and should be afforded, a “Press Pass” to the IRGA Convention. (I’m waiting for Steve Bova of the IRGA to get back to me about the request I made for a “press pass” to the IRGA.)

i. The percentage of “owner-employees” who visit “Reprographics 101” is quite high. But, I’m positive the reason for that is because, when I first began to let people know about “Reprographics 101”, I contacted only owners of reprographics companies.

j. Approximately 75% of those who responded to the Survey have been in the reprographics business for more than 11 years and nearly 50% for more than 20 years.

I would like to thank all who participated in the Survey!

Please refer your reprographics industry friends, associates, vendors, etc. to “Reprographics 101”.


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