Thursday, April 21, 2011

“How will BIM change the Reprographics industry?”

(Post updated Friday morning, April 22nd.)

You'll have the opportunity to meet Joseph Joseph, AIA, at the IRgA Convention in Vegas:)

9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

IRgA Opening General Session

BIM Panel: How BIM and Emerging Technologies Will Change Reprographics Forever

Jim Balding, CEO & Founder, The ANT Group, Inc.; Stephen A. Jones, Senior Director, McGraw-Hill Construction; and Joseph Joseph, AAIA, Director of BIM/CAD Technologies, SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure, LLC


Posted on Thursday, April 22nd:

I just noticed this post on a web-site located at

I’m pretty sure that web-site is operated by Mr. Joseph Joseph, and that he is the one who authored the article I’ve copied into this post. (As to his name, it looks like his parents had a sense of humor!)

Okay, without further adieu, here’s what Joseph Joseph wrote:

How will BIM change the Reprographics industry?”

“Over the past several months I worked very closely with a reprographics giant to create an on-site FM solutions for our AEC firm to manage reproduction internally. This solution worked so greatly so far for our organization and it is helping cut cost tremendously.

I was recently asked by the IRGA Convention to speak on BIM as part of a panel of two very accomplished speakers. My point of view will address the convention which most of which are reprographers and their suppliers on how BIM is changing the AEC industry. Partly, this speaking engagement will cover topics to educate them how BIM is evolving our business. The other part, is project how it will evolve their business to catch-up with ours.

So as I continue to put together my thoughts for the presentation, I took the time to think deeply of how their business will be affected by BIM. For one thing, I noticed a lot of reprographers now have a “BIM” business unit that goes after BIM work. I think to myself, REALLY?! Now they want to come after our thin market?! I think it is a joke how the term BIM is used so recklessly that it is losing the meaning of BIM.

In my mind, it is not farfetched to anticipate a “BIM Handler” business that will provide collaboration tools, virtualization and cloud computer power for a true BIM integrated project. It is not just 3D printing. Between BIM and sustainability – I wonder what the future of reprographics will be? Of course, that is after a really LONG time given that the AEC industry is slowly adopting BIM.

This doesn’t leave out others that will continue to be committed to printing such as Oil and Gas industry and many of the process piping and industrial design and construction firms that are less interested in BIM.

Let me know what you guys think of this, your feedback is valued.”

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