Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ten (or so) Things You’ll Never Hear the Owner(s) of a Reprographics Company Say

· I love Xerox

· I love OCE’s billing system

· I’m thankful for the Internet and for all of the amazing capabilities it offers our A/E/C customers

· My sales reps always exceed my expectations

· Just like I do, my sales reps work 24/7/365

· I enjoy having competition; our competitors keep us on our feet

· “Honey, I’m coming home early today”

· “Honey, I’ve decided to begin working a 4-day workweek ….. so I can be home more to help you take care of the kids”

· Our healthcare insurance company has announced that it is going to be reducing our premiums

· “Sorry, we were late on your order because, well, no one paid any attention to the order you sent”

· I’m “so glad” that computers and digital printing technology have taken the reprographics business out of the analog dark ages

· As a result of increased costs affecting the reprographics industry, all of the competitors in my market, in one fell swoop, have announced that they are all going to begin charging for pick-up and delivery, begin charging for file conversions, begin charging for e-planrooom services, begin charging for binding prints and all have just implemented an across-the-board 20% increase in their prices, which will also apply to their top tier accounts

· I’m happy that I did not accept ARC’s offer to purchase my company in 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007. That’s because ARC will be willing to pay me more now (or maybe next year or the year after)

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