Monday, April 4, 2011

More on "cloud printing"

For those of you interested in more about “cloud printing”, I found an article – about Google Cloud Printing and HP - authored by Kevin C. Tofel, and here’s the title of the article, and, afterwards, the first two paragraphs from the article:

“HP Shifts Printing Away From PCs via Google Cloud Print”

When Google introduced its Cloud Print solution last year, consumers and device makers were left with more questions than answers. Fast forward to today, and Google’s cloud printing solution gets less foggy: HP’s ePrint-enabled printers now support Cloud Print. Printouts from a smartphone, computer or ChromeOS netbook can be sent to these web-connected printers through supported Google apps now, and third-party software in the future.

The new printing support shows how the web continues to change the paradigm of traditional computing. Instead of printers that are effectively chained to a single device or shared on a local wired or wireless network, the lowly, utilitarian printer is now web-connected. Evidence of that lies within the method used by HP to link the ePrint devices to Google Docs and Gmail: Consumers simply attach the printer’s unique email address to their Google account to use Cloud Print services. Once the link is made, documents or email can be printed out through a mobile broadband or wired web connection from practically anywhere.

Click on this link to access the full article:

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