Saturday, May 21, 2011

City of Charlotte (NC) RFP for Reprographics Services (e-planroom service included)

This morning, I found an RFP for “Reprographics Services” issued by the City of Charlotte (NC) in March 2011.

The proposals submitted in response to this RFP have already been evaluated, and it looks like the City selected two reprographics firms to provide services. I’m not sure that the City selected two firms, but that’s what it looks like, based on the “selection” sheet I looked at on the Internet. The selection sheet lists these two firms:

Duncan Parnell (a ReproMAX member company)


Richa Graphics (an independent reprographer that I never heard of before); I visited Richa’s web-site and found that they offer a pretty cool e-planroom service, and here’s some info “about” Richa, as per Richa’s web-site:

Richa Graphics History (

It began in 1985 when Suresh (Sam) Vyas opened the doors to Richa in a small street level office at 203 North Tryon Street in Uptown Charlotte. Business grew as Suresh became more well known amongst local architects and engineers for his reliable service and dedication to meeting their needs. Richa Graphics moved next door to a second level space above a fashion shop and then again around the corner to our current location at 204 North Tryon.

Today Richa's Uptown location occupies the entire three level building on North Tryon, offering full service digital printing, reproduction and finishing services to many of Charlotte's leading businesses.

In 1998 we opened our second location in South End's prestigious design center of the Carolina's. Presently we are located in our own building at 231 East Tremont Avenue.

As the business grew over the years, Richa's services and staff have grown as well. Pushpa Moolchandani joined Richa in 1988, and today she is the company's Chief Operating Officer and runs our operation. In 1991, Kathryn Rohera, joined the Richa Team and is Vice President for Sales and Marketing and Color Graphics Specialist.

We have become the leader in Digital Printing and Reproduction Services in Charlotte. Visit one of our three locations today and see how Richa can help you with all of your printing and copying needs.

By the way the name "RICHA" stands for the hymn's from the Hindu scriptures "The Veda's" - Sources of knowledge and it is the name of Suresh (Sam) and Rita's daughter after which the company was named.


The City did not publish the proposals prospective vendors submitted; not even the “pricing pages.” However, If you are the type of reprographer who is always interested in learning how other reprographers are proposing and how they are pricing their services (in other words, if you are not a know-it-all), then I encourage you to contact the City of Charlotte to request copies of the proposals that were submitted. Generally, proposals submitted by prospective vendors to a government-sector agency are considered “documents in the public domain” and, thusly, anyone can request copies be sent to them. All ya gotta do is ask! Reviewing proposals submitted by other reprographers is one way of sharpening your own personal proposal development skills.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the City’s objective for this RFP competition:

The City of Charlotte (City) plans to contract with one or more firms (Firms) to provide reprographic services. The City is seeking Firms whose combination of experience and expertise will provide timely, cost-effective and quality reprographic services to the City.


The Engineering & Property Management department (E&PM) is involved in the design of various projects, such as roads, sidewalks, neighborhood improvements, storm water improvements, and new buildings such as Fire and Police Stations. When a design has been completed and is ready to go to construction, E&PM issues solicitations to contractors to bid on these projects.

On past projects, E&PM has typically printed a pre-determined number of construction plan sheet sets and accompanying bid manuals and made them available at the Government Center for sale to interested parties. A certain number of sets were set aside for internal use and for various plan rooms, such as CAGC. Often the number of sets produced was either too high or too low compared to the actual number of sets needed.

In order to decrease waste and enhance efficiency, the City has been exploring the use of reprographic service providers and digital plan rooms and would now like to move forward by selecting one or more Firms to provide the following services:

a. Maintaining a digital plan room

b. Providing copies of bid packages on-demand in digital and paper format

c. Maintaining published lists of bidders of record and issuing Addenda for various projects

d. Providing plan sheet scanning services

You can click-on this link to access a complete copy of this RFP:

Evidently, the City issued one Amendment, to respond to Questions, and you can read the Amendment, which covers Q & A’s, by clicking on this link:

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