Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More on Autodesk's Vault Collaboration for A/E/C

I would think that reprographers, especially those who are offering - or those who are thinking about offering - “document management” software and services (such as ARC’s PlanWell Collaborate and ReproMAX’s cMAX) would be interested in knowing what Autodesk is doing in that same space.

That said, for those of you who are interested in knowing more about Autodesk’s recently released Autodesk “Vault Collaboration for AEC” products, the first document I think you should take a look at is the one called Top Ten Reasons to Add Vault Collaboration AEC to Your Workflow”, as this document is one that your A/E/C customers are being exposed to.

Here’s a link to that particular document:

Going a bit further, here’s what Autodesk says about its “Vault” products:

Autodesk Vault “Products”

Data Management for the Workgroup

Autodesk® Vault data management software products include Autodesk® Vault Workgroup, Autodesk® Vault Collaboration, Autodesk Vault Collaboration AEC, and Autodesk® Vault Professional software. Vault software manages data creation, simulation, and documentation processes for design, engineering, and construction workgroups. Enjoy more control over design data with revision management capabilities, and quickly find and reuse design data, for easier management of your design and engineering information. Tightly integrated with Autodesk Digital Prototyping and Building Information Modeling (BIM) applications, Autodesk Vault data management software enables teams to more efficiently collaborate and meet tight deadlines.

Best-in-class design tool integrationManage data associated with the digital model throughout the project lifecycle.

Concurrent designMultiple users can work collaboratively without overwriting the others' data.

Data reuseFind, organize, copy, and reuse data to save time, so you can spend more of your workday innovating.

Revision managementRelease and track files securely throughout the design cycle to reduce errors.

Scalable multisite solution—Synchronize design data among distributed workgroups with multisite functionality.

What's New in Vault 2012 (pdf - 436Kb)

Brochure (pdf - 411Kb)

System Requirements (pdf - 92Kb)

Top Reasons to Add Data Management (pdf - 178Kb)

Top Ten Reasons for Vault Collaboration in Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) (pdf - 906Kb)

Here’s a link to the Autodesk web-site page where I found this stuff:

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