Friday, May 27, 2011

Thomas Reprographics launches two new websites - CONSTRUCTIONVAULTS and VISUALOGISTIX

Recently, Thomas Reprographics, one of the largest reprographics enterprises in the U.S. (and a partner with NRI and CallPrint in LINK DSG) launched two new web-sites, “ConstructionVaults” and “Visualogistix”.

“ConstructionVaults” is, of course, aimed at the A/E/C market.

“Visualogistics” is aimed at the non-A/E/C market.

I visited both of these new Thomas Repro web-sites and found them to be very informative. I encourage reprographers, who are looking for ways to better “market” and “brand” their business offerings, especially to the non-A/E/C marketplace, to visit Thomas Repro’s new web-sites to review the approach that Thomas Repro took.

Thomas Reprographics Launches ConstructionVaults™ Website

Thomas Reprographics has launched ConstructionVaults as part of a continuously expanding technology product offering. ConstructionVaults is a construction project management, sourcing, bidding and procurement service powered by ReproMAX cMAX. ConstructionVaults is focused on providing a wide range of solutions to the AEC market place.

ConstructionVaults is focused on three areas of a construction project:

*Sourcing: Identify the right vendors for the right jobs with tools to qualify and update capabilities on your time frame.

*Project Management: Complete oversight of projects from start to finish with the collaboration you need to meet your goals.

*Procurement: Control purchasing and manage costs from order to invoice with all your suppliers through one easy-to-use interface.

For additional information on ConstructionVaults and cMAX visit

Introducing Visualogistix

Check out how Visualogistix from Thomas Reprographics can help educational departments or universities by managing its information and marketing collateral.

With Visualogistix, you can:

*Store all materials (brochures, reading packets, posters, signs, flyers, etc.) electronically (instead of stacking them in closets all over campus)

*Have your own web page to order collateral — with 24/7 access from anywhere in the world

*Establish standards for customization — and consistency — across the college or university

*Give access to others in the school to order collateral as needed — within your established approval process

*Reduce the time and the associated costs spent managing revisions, storage, and inventory.

See how Visualogistix, a new service from Thomas Reprographics, helps the restaurant industry by managing its marketing collateral. Instead of letting signs, menus, displays and other material get outdated because it’s too hard to make changes, you can quickly and easily make changes, while ensuring high quality and brand consistency.

Visualogistix gives you:

*All your collateral — signs, displays, menus, brochures, posters, etc. — stored electronically

*Your own Web page to order your collateral — with 24/7 access from anywhere

*The ability to establish standards for customization — and consistency — which is especially important when you have multiple restaurants and a variety of locations

*Access for others in the organization (for example, managers of franchise restaurants) to update and order collateral as needed — within your established approval process

*Reduced time — and the associated costs — spent managing revisions, production details, inventory, and obsolescence.

See more at

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