Friday, May 27, 2011

Kristin (Warner) Young joins LINK DSG as “Director of Global Services”

Occasionally, I get the opportunity to post an article (and Press Release) about someone I know. I met Kristin, several years ago, when she was with MBC Precision Imaging. At the time, MBC Precision was owned by two of my oldest industry friends, Bill Berg, who I met in 1970, and Bob Abrams, who I had the pleasure of working with, back in the mid 1980’s, when we were both with Rowley-Scher Reprographics. After MBC Precision Imaging was purchased by ARC (2007) and was merged with ARC’s previously purchased businesses in the DC/Baltimore area (RTI, Ridgway’s and Leet-Melbrook), Kristin stayed on with MBC for a while, but, not long after, moved over to NRI’s team. Over the years, Kristin has proven to be a solid performer. I’m positive that everyone who knows her will join me in wishing her every success in her new position with LINK DSG.

As per her profile on LinkedIn, Kristin’s prior positions were:

Enterprise Solutions at National Reprographics Inc. (NRI)

Global Solutions Executive at American Reprographics Company (ARC)

Vice President of Sales at MBC Precision Imaging (MBC)

Sales Executive at Reprographics Product Group (RPG)

Until I looked at her profile on LinkedIn, I did not know that Kristin had previously been a member of RPG’s team. (Or, if I did previously know that, my mind is slipping a bit). I mention RPG because RPG is a company I founded. While I was at Rowley-Scher Reprographics back in the early 1980’s, we decided to “add” an equipment/supplies/service business to Rowley-Scher’s business, and we named that business (which was a “division” of Rowley-Scher) “Reprographics Product Group – RPG”. Not long after we sold Rowley-Scher, the RPG division was “spun-off” and was sold to the Kadanoff’s, who still own and operate RPG. Kristin joined RPG when it was owned by the Kadanoff’s.

Here’s the Press Release I received about Kristin’s new position with LINK DSG:

May 20, 2011 – LINK Document Services Group (LINK DSG) is thrilled to announce that Kristin Young has joined LINK DSG as Director of Global Services.

With LINK DSG, Ms. Young will lead the effort to provide national and international Managed Print Solutions (MPS) to architectural, design, engineering and construction firms worldwide. Ms. Young will focus on implementing technology solutions designed to meet the particular needs of large, enterprise clients.

Ms. Young, who joined NRI in 2009 as an Enterprise Solutions Executive, will also continue in this similar capacity for NRI. Prior to joining NRI, Ms. Young spent eleven years with American Reprographics as Vice President of Sales and then Enterprise Accounts Executive.

She brings to LINK DSG a wealth of experience serving On-Site Services clients as well current expertise in MPS.

About Link DSG:

LINK Document Services Group brings together four leading document companies into one Managed Print Services (MPS) provider. The LINK partners are recognized AEC and reprographic leaders and visionaries. Our comprehensive MPS offering analyzes, designs, and manages your enterprise wide copier and print fleet, providing you with predictable, controlled costs and increased flexibility while preserving precious capital, mitigating risk and streamlining workflow and compliance. There are other document providers out there, but none with our resources who is privately held, family-run, and beholden to no one but our clients. Visit for more information.

About NRI:

NRI is a trusted peer and business partner to design, architecture, engineering and construction professionals, providing integrated graphic and content solutions custom tailored to their unique requisites. For the creative community, marketers and artists, NRI delivers exquisite color print and software solutions. NRI consists of four divisions providing a wide range of services:

• Reprographics

• Marketing Communications

• On-Site Services • Technology Services

As a woman business enterprise (WBE) with over 110 years experience, NRI has proven itself over and over through advanced technology and legendary service. Visit for more information.

Media Contact

Marc Fromowitz Marketing Director

(212) 366-7163

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