Monday, May 9, 2011

Introducing "The Week in Imaging" (to those who haven't already found it)

This evening, thanks to a heads-up from Art Post (of the blog/web-site, I found another web-site that covers the “imaging” industry. Just what we needed, huh!

Here’s the Internet address -

Here’s what it says about “theweekinimaging”….

“The Week in Imaging is an online, interactive one-stop news and information source that targets anyone who sells imaging solutions, including independent dealers, VARs, sales and service personnel in manufacturer direct branches as well as hardware manufacturers and solutions and service providers. 
It was founded by publisher and editor, Scott Cullen, who has been writing about office equipment industry since 1986 and has worked as an editor and writer for numerous industry trade publications. The majority of The Week in Imaging’s readers are imaging solutions resellers although the information we present is pertinent to anyone in the imaging industry. The home page is updated weekly and offers multiple capsule insights on the week’s top story, stories or trends from a variety of sources and perspectives as covered by various industry analysts, bloggers, and writers. Visitors interested in drilling down further can follow the links to the original source material and, if the information is not from a subscription-based publication, read more. In addition, The Week in Imaging includes monthly features, departments, columns, and blogs focusing on all facets of the imaging industry as well as the people and the players involved.”

Joel’s comments:

The above web-site has a lot of information about “MPS”.

And, I’ve discovered where the term “MPS” came from, finally!

Reprographers, you are all, of course, aware that, before we determined there was a need to modernize its name, the “reprographics” industry” used to be called the “blueprinting” industry. Without question, “reprographics” is far sexier than “blueprinting.”!!!

Well, if the word “blueprinting” wasn’t sexy, then the term “copier business” wasn’t sexy either. [Frankly, not much difference between a used car salesperson and a new (or used) copier salesperson.] Anyhow, I think that “MPS” is the acronym that “office copying/printing equipment dealers and manufacturers” are now (and, for a while by now, have been) using to describe “comprehensive” cost-per-copy programs that that industry has been offering for years. “MPS” sounds a lot sexier, but, to me, it certainly isn’t a new business.

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