Saturday, May 21, 2011

Learn what General Contractors need to support the efforts of their “PreConstruction Services / Estimating” teams

While researching job opportunities on the Internet, I came across a help-wanted ad from a fairly large regional General Contractor for a “planning coordinator.”

What I found interesting about this help-wanted advertisement is that the ad provided a detailed listing of responsibilities required to be handled by the person hired for this position and that many of the responsibilities that were listed are very much related to “document management, printing, distribution and “planroom” services offered by reprographers. “Someone said” that understanding what GC customers go through, what their internal people have to do, goes a long, long way towards “being a truly informed” reprographer.

Evidently, this position is part of this GC’s “PreConstruction Services / Estimating” team.

Job Title: Planning Coordinator

Position Description: Planning Coordinator duties and responsibilities include:


 Solicit and track subcontractor qualification information and maintain subcontractor database

 Assist with tracking historical data

 Assist with archiving projects that were not awarded

 Maintain and update Estimating Manual

 Will function as estimating receptionist, answer calls for Estimators, set up meetings, etc.

Weekly / Monthly / As Needed:

 Assist Estimator and marketing with online planroom updates

 Attend estimating meeting and take minutes of estimating meeting

 Publish and distribute Planning Schedule

 Organize and maintain Planning Library and plan room

Per Bid:

 Preparing drawings for pick up by subcontractors

 Prepare drawings for shipping to subcontractors, order drawings from reprographics company

 Distribute documents to bid Team

 Prepare estimate binders with tabs for all estimators for bid review

 Prepare Bid Packages in Prolog

 Maintain and update bidding website (DL) with plans, specs and addenda, create certain bidding documents

 Get electronic copy of drawings and making sure plan room is orderly

 Distribute faxes on bid day

 Solicit subcontractors & suppliers for bids and assure adequate coverage of bidders

 Add new info to Prolog as shown on returned bid invites

 Track, log and distribute all bids on bid day

 After bid file all documents in file cabinets


 Candidate must have intermediate skills in Microsoft Word and Excel along with OST (will train if needed) Adobe PDF, Outlook and Timberline.

 Must be highly motivated to complete critical repetitive tasks without oversight.

 Must have good written and verbal communications skills and be willing to make lots of phone calls.

 Requires excellent organizational skills and attention to detail

 Maintain project objectives professionally, efficiently, safely and proactively.

 Understand, adhere to and support company policies & procedures and professional performance standards within the specified parameters of the company.

 Working knowledge of general employment practices/regulations essential to be an active team player, and successful professional.

 Work with numbers accurately to review project budgets, materials and time schedules.

 Proactively return customer related calls, e-mails, inquiries etc. daily before end of business day.

 Maintain appropriate documentation and organization of applicable files, records and correspondence.

 Help establish a positive working environment with regular communication and feedback.

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