Thursday, July 21, 2011

Frequent visitor to Reprographics 101 wonders why there are very few comments posted on the blog

I received an e-mail, yesterday, from someone who, apparently, visits Reprographics 101 on a fairly routine basis. I wanted to share with all of my blog-visitors what this person said and what my response was to the questions he asked.

Here’s what he said:

Hi Joel, while you don't know me, I have heard of you through the years from the firms that I worked; ___, ___, and ___.

Just wanted to make a few comments regarding your blog.

First, I find your blog informative and enjoy checking in to your most recent posts.

Second, hope your feeling better after your recent health issue.

Additionally, I'm somewhat confused with the total lack of feedback to any of your posts! You have posted items that should cause someone out there to post some sort of comment, however i see very few. Is that you are not passing those comments along as an editorial prerogative?

If it is that you just don't get feedback, then why do you think that is?

Just an observation on my part.

Please continue with your good work.

Thanks and regards

Here’s how I responded to his e-mail:

Hi ____,

While I don't recall that we've ever met, i've known of you for many, many years.

As to the lack of "comments" on the blog, I approve virtually every comment that's posted, so my guess is that the lack of comments is pretty much attributable to apathy.

Perhaps a secondary reason would be that I do receive a LOT of e-mails from people who routinely visit the blog. Occasionally, I will post some of the emails (all or part), provided I've received consent from the person who sent the email to me.

____, thanks for the positive comments about the blog.




  1. I was often curious about the same thing...I read vast majority of your posts, and find the info you provide to be very, very interesting. Please keep it up.

    anonymous working for a large repro company

  2. Joel, Anon backs up your blog post by being "curious about the same thing", yet signs the post anonymously. Funny.

  3. not sure what you find funny, Tom.

    I was wondering why there is a lack of discussion in the "comment" section...some of the Joel's posts just urge you to post and argue for/against, yet nobody posts....I probably posted more comments than almost any user to the blog - a whole 3 or 4 comments :)...but, if nobody ever posts, there is nobody to exchange ideas/arguments with.

  4. Anon, guess my feeling is that the reason people don't comment on this great blog, particularly those in the crazy repro world, is because they don't want their competitors to know how informed or uninformed they are thus likely the reason you are posting anonymously, but perhaps not. Anyway, I think we can all agree this blog is extremely invaluable, timely and a significant resource to our screwed up industry.

  5. I fall in to the apathetic lot - I thoroughly enjoy reading updates, especially the ongoing changes in the industry, but I work for a certain un-named, very large repro firm, and, well ..... must get back to work!