Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Glimpse into the Future … of the IRgA (pick up your phone and call Bob Roperti)

I think this information bears repeating. In the previous post on this blog, I pointed my blog-visitors to two recent reprographics-industry-related articles, the second of which was about the IRgA.

At the very end of the article that Steve Bova authored, this (the following) section appeared, and even though I gave you a link to read the full article that Steve wrote, inasmuch as I think this section is important to all reprographers, I’ve decided to pull it out and place it below, just to make sure that you see it!

A Glimpse into the Future … of the IRgA

The reconfigured organization will focus on producing an annual or series of events designed to provide a venue for networking and senior-level education. The operations of the association will be restructured as follows:

• Remaining financial resources will be managed as an endowment that will serve the governance needs of the association. Preservation of principal will be an essential financial goal.

• Staff will fulfill an administrative role.

• The existing membership database will be updated annually and used to help promote a successful networking event.

• Events will be produced on a break-even basis.

• The new Board will annually evaluate the usefulness of maintaining the senior contact network and the success of the annual networking event(s), relative to the resources of the association.

“What is certain is that the Board of Directors you elected cannot do this alone,” said Roperti. “We need a core of at least 20 to 30 industry leaders to become involved in the IRgA for it to be sustainable.

For anyone who is interested in seeing that the IRgA continues, contact Roperti at 727/442-7125.

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