Thursday, July 28, 2011

How’s your “recovery” going?

In an e-mail I received on July 18th …..

FYI – lots of ___ cuts last Friday and today; double dip recession is hitting.

In an e-mail I received on July 25th …..

I have confirmed that two more ___ locations in _____ are closing at the end of this week. Can we find out if this is a national trend?

In an e-mail I received on July 28th …..

Heard they were more layoffs this week. This time at least one was a Production Center Manager in _____. They are closing 3 out of the 5 stores in __ _____. Layoff’s were ________, and, reportedly, they are closing 50 stores around the country.


  1. is this all from ARC employees? if you can't disclose the name of the firm, perhaps you can label them as national, mid-size, etc.?

  2. None of those e-mails were from ARC employees (or from ARC officers or directors).