Friday, July 8, 2011

Printing Industries of America Decries Obama Administration Characterization of Print (PART 2)

On Monday, June 27th, after learning that Mr. Makin (CEO?, President?, Executive Director?) of the Printing Industries of America had issued a Press Release to criticize President Obama – a criticism I thought was totally unfounded and completely unwarranted - I did a brief post on Reprographics 101 about that and provided a link to the Press Release that the Printing Industries of America released earlier that same day (or it could be that the Press Release was issued a few days earlier, but who really cares about that; when, exactly, the press release was issued is really an insignificant point.)

You can find my previous post about this at this address:

After that article was posted, I found that Cary Sherburne, a frequent contributor to the web-site of, wrote a more in-depth article about Mr. Makin’s comments, after doing some research of her own. Here’s the beginning of the article she recently posted on I encourage you to read the full article (I’ll be giving you the link, later.) And, I encourage you to read all of the comments that were posted on about the article that Cary Sherburne put up.

Commentary & Analysis

Printing Industries of America Decries Obama Administration Characterization of Print

By Cary Sherburne
Published: July 7, 2011

On Friday, June 24, 2011, Michael Makin, President & CEO of the Printing Industries of America distributed by email a "Special Announcement."

In it, Makin says, "In Obama's announcement, he equates the printing and mailing of the Federal Register as a stack of 'expensive doorstops' and 'stupid spending' that 'doesn't benefit anybody.' By dismissing pint as 'pointless waste' that 'no one reads,' one may infer a negative perception of a stalwart industry or mistakenly assume that printed material is a dying and irrelevant relic.


WhatTheyThink did extensive research to uncover the full story, and as a result feel that this letter to the President was an overreaction and that the President's comments were taken out of context. We have included references in the article that you can check for yourself to make your own decisions.

We also spoke with Makin prior to publishing this article, and his comments are included below.

Here’s a link to the full article Cary Sherburne wrote, and you’ll also be able to see all of the “comments” that have been made, so far.

Joel’s final comments about this:

a) I complete agree with the opinion that Cary Sherburne expressed

b) At what point in our lifetime did it become mainstream habit to politicize even the most minor of comments that a President makes? Have we really become that silly, that stupid? Is it something in the water? The air?

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