Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vistaprint shares PLUNGE

On July 28th, after the stock market closed, Vistaprint NV released its results for its fiscal Q4 2011 and for its full-year-ended June 30, 2011.

Q4 Revenues were up over the same period one year earlier and beat analyst estimates. ($208.8 mil vs. $205.8 mil)

Q4 net income was $14.4 mil, up from $11.7 mil one year earlier.

In my opinion, not bad results, considering the lack of strength in the overall economy.

However, at the same time Vistaprint released its results, it lowered guidance – for future revenues and earnings – below estimates previously issued by analysts, and I guess that’s what caused Vistaprint’s price-per-share to plunge.

And “plunge” is, most definitely, the operative word, for Vistaprint’s share price fell from $ 42.40 to $ 26.70 in just one day!

That’s a stunning plunge!

ARC will report its Q2 2011 results on August 4th, after the market closes. For those of you who own ARC stock, keep your fingers crossed that ARC has some good news in its report.

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