Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reprographers……, how’d your Q2 2011 end up?

Hopefully, it was up from Q1 2011 and up from the same period one year ago.

Two days ago, I heard that one of the reprographics industry’s largest companies cut jobs, just after the end of Q2 2011. If that’s not rumor, but true, that’s not good news; frankly, it’s not good news for anyone in the reprographics industry.

Sales-wise, my guess is that the “typical” reprographer (if there is such a thing) fared pretty much like this:

a) Q2 2011 sales, about equal to Q1 2011 sales, even though Q2 sales, traditionally, are almost always higher than Q1 sales.

b) Q2 2011 sales, a bit behind Q2 2010 sales. No growth in demand for services, bit of a slide because of another fall-off in construction activity.

But, there are signs of life, at least in some markets, as I recently pointed out about the Boston, MA market area, where developers are resuming plans for projects and where, as a result, A&E firms are getting busier ….. and reprographers should see and feel that upswing in activity.


  1. Well I checked my Q1, 2011 versus Q2, 2011 and they are a wash.

    I checked my Q2, 2010 versus my Q2, 2011 and 2011 is indeed lower !

    You nailed it Joel ! OK, what is your forecast for the debt ceiling stand off in

    Washington? Does the market go up or down from here ?

  2. My prediction for the 'debt ceiling' issue (not that any of my predictions are worth a grain of salt) is that there will be a vote to extend the debt ceiling for another 60 days, so that Senators, Representatives and the President can continue this soap opera ... and keep everyone hanging. I think I said, in a previous post, that I'd like to see the U.S. default on its debt, just so that I can see what happens, good or bad. Life has to be interesting, or what's the point.

  3. Your post was prior to the real life soap opera that took place just after the
    markets closed on Friday. And what a seen it was . My understanding of the constitution is that the house is a co equal branch of government.
    What a public display unfolded as our president summoned the speaker of the house to the "principle's office", You have " ESPLAININ " to do...... For not returning my call.....But mr. O you moved the goal posts...... You bowel of Jellow.
    I went short last week and got my head handed to me. My timing sucked.
    I wonder what Monday will bring in light of this three ring circus ?