Saturday, July 30, 2011

No more politically oriented posts on this blog

Yesterday, I put up a politically-oriented post, and, today, I decided to pull it down.

The question that some of you might ask is, “why did Joel pull down that post?”

For two reasons:

a) the “headline” of this blog states the following….

Reprographics 101 (more than you ever wanted to know about the reprographics industry)…..

Facts and opinions related to the reprographics business and the reprographics industry as well as articles and information related to the A/E/C industry served by reprographers. This blog is intended for reprographers, for vendors who sell to reprographers and for analysts and investors who are interested in learning more about the reprographics industry.

b) after I put up that post, one of my blog-visitors (Tom T) submitted this comment:

"Stick to repro commentary...please don't go there with political commentary."

That’s not all that Tom T said, but the rest of what he said has no bearing on my decision to pull down the post.

But, Tom T was right. The stated purpose of this blog is to deal with facts and opinions about the reprographics business and industry – and to share issues that affect the reprographics business and industry, and, because that’s the stated purpose of this blog, I’ve decided that I must stick with that, for making comments about things that are not germane is, well, an inappropriate use of this blog. I will likely start a politically-oriented blog of my own, but, if I do, that blog will be completely separate from Reprographics 101.

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