Friday, February 13, 2015

ABC Imaging: We Want to Level the Playing Field

Check this one out on the web-site.  

Ed Avis, Managing Director of the IRgA, did an excellent write-up of Medi Falsafi's plans to grow ABC's reach throughout the reprographics industry.



  1. Wow, "revenue never dipped by more than 7-8% during recession years".... I want to see those financials. Joel, is ABC the only reprographer that can truly compete with ARC? How do they match up against?

  2. There are over 500 reprographics firms in the U.S., alone, competing for business from firms in the U.S. A/E/C Industry. Some of the larger reprographics firms in the U.S. (and I know I've pointed this out before) include Thomas Printworks, NRI, ABC Imaging and Gill.