Friday, February 27, 2015

Steven Enterprises - a wide-format equipment dealer with a very diverse line-up

Not a reprographer, but a well respected wide-format equipment dealer/distributor. (And, they are ReproMax member.)

“For over 21 years, Steven Enterprises, Inc. has been the wide format industry’s go-to source for the finest quality CAD, graphics, printing and imaging products. Our sincere dedication to the highest quality customer service, paired with our vast product selection and in-house service expertise, has proven a win-win combination for our customer base.”

Talk about “covering (all of) the bases,” Steven Enterprises’ line-up of wide-format printers and multifunction systems:

-Seiko Teriostar

I was a bit surprised that they don’t also sell the Xerox IJP 2000, the RTI Vortex 4200, and Roland and Mutoh!

Steven Enterprises Inc.
17952 Sky Park Circle, Suite E
Irvine, CA 92614
Tel: (800) 491-8785
Fax: (949) 225-0419

Blog Publisher’s comment:

One has to wonder (and, at this point, can only wonder), how HP’s upcoming launch of its PageWide wide-format printers and multifunction systems will affect which brands and models of wide-format equipment distributors of wide-format decide to carry and sell in the future.  The big question is, “will there be a big shake up” in the market, and, if so, which brands and models will continue to be viable (sellable) in the future?

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