Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is Portland’s New Paperless Building Permit System Doomed?

"Portland, Ore., is all-in on using technology that enables contractors to apply for building permits online. But the sheer complexity of the project and difficulties with the vendor are delaying its completion."

Full article by Brian Heaton, Feb 12th, posted on, LINK:

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  1. Two thoughts on this.
    I’ve been growing vegetable gardens for as long as I can remember. One rule of thumb I have is that I tend not to grow things that aren't better than what I can get in the store. Broccoli is a good example.
    Just because its home grown doesn't mean it will taste better.
    And just because something is digital doesn't make it more efficient. It may become necessary, but not efficient.
    And if I were going to implement an online system, I would search out those systems already in place and working well. It always seems to be that people want to reinvent the wheel. And it would also seem to me that “Sierra Systems” listed in this article as the contractor is working hard to reach the “not to exceed” contract amount.