Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Consulting to Help Add Sign Services to Your Print Shop

The February issue of Larry Hunt’s Wide Format Imaging News contained a brief article that some of you might benefit from knowing about, especially those of you who are trying to figure out how to add “sign business” services to your existing reprographics services business. 

Larry Hunt’s Wide Format Imaging News is available by subscription, so I can’t (won’t) spill all of the beans in today’s blog post, but here’s some of the article Dirck Holscher (publisher of LH WFI News) wrote:

Consulting to Help Add Sign Services to Your Print Shop...
I continue to get questions about how to get started in wide-format. Though we have covered this topic extensively, some readers have expressed an interest in more-comprehensive training options.
One such option is provided by ____ ______, who offers a two-day consultancy at his sign shop in the ________ area of __________.  He began his printing career when he and his brother purchased a small quick-print shop in 1978. They grew their business from one location and two employees into six locations with more than over 75 employees. His shops feature extensive sign-shop and wide-format operations.
During a two-day consulting visit, clients will see firsthand what type of sign shop can be added to a printing operation. You will get hands-on training in every activity of a typical sign shop. You will leave with complete information on the following (etc, etc, etc.)

If you want the rest of the story, contact Dirck Holscher of LH WFI News at:

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