Monday, February 2, 2015

The feedback you want from an A/E firm for whom you've just implemented an FM (or MPS) deal

If you are in the FM (or Managed Print Services) business, this is exactly what you want to hear from your customer after you’ve implemented an FM (or MPS) deal!

I copied this (a customer’s testimonial note) from the web-site of one of our industry’s FM (MPS) players:

"The service we received from _______ has been nothing short of fantastic. Your informed and candid guidance on equipment selection was invaluable in getting the solution right from the start. You handled the transition to new gear efficiently and professionally, taking care of all interaction with equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Working together with our IT staff you took on the burden of integrating all of the software, drivers and configurations into our network and ensured that everything was working before our staff arrived the next day saving us days of IT time. You took the lead with training making sure to understand our specific workflows ahead of time to avoid any confusion.

Since the transition, supply orders, meter reads and routine service calls are simply taken care of in a prompt drama free manner by your staff. Overall the time spent by IT staff tending to these issues has dropped dramatically compared to the previous solution. Our pay per copy print and plot solution has gone from a complete nightmare to a solution that simply works and it happened virtually overnight.

We have many technology partners and there are none better at what they do than __________. Knowledge, focus and delivery, what else could I ask for?"

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