Monday, February 2, 2015

Arkitektkopia (Sweden) and Copy General (Eastern/Central Europe) Ink Deal

Arkitektkopia is Sweden’s largest reprographics enterprise.

Copy General Europe is the largest reprographics enterprise in Eastern/Central Europe.

Byggnet  is an advanced cloud-based service and application focused on simplifying the management of drawings and documentation

News from Akitektkopia’s web-site

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Arkitektkopia the continuing growth of Byggnet the signing of a significant contract with Copy General of the Czech Republic.

STOCKHOLM, Stockholm (Dec 2014) - Arkitektkopia a nationwide service companies in the publishing industry, today announced that it has signed a major contract for the sale of Byggnet to Copy General of the Czech Republic - a leading reprographics, printing and copying services in Central and Eastern Europe.

Arkitektkopia has Byggnet focused on developing advanced cloud-based services and applications with a view to simplifying the management of drawings and documentation. Arkitektkopia has already established a strong presence in the construction and property industry in the Nordic countries, and through signed the cooperation agreement with Copy General, continues Arkitektkopia now its growth and sale of Byggnet outside the region.

"We see the deal with Copy General as strategically important. With their 30 establishments around the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Russia and unique market position in the construction and real estate industry, we see the cooperation with Copy General as a unique opportunity to enter the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, "says Gunnar Duintjer , CEO of Arkitektkopia.

The agreement makes Byggnet to Arkitektkopias single largest growth area outside of Sweden.

Short on Copy General

Copy General is a leading provider of reprographic, printing and copying services in Central and Eastern Europe, and offers a wide range of services for companies, small businesses, and private clients. Copy Generals services available in stores, production centers, or directly on the customer's office. More information is available at


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