Tuesday, January 4, 2011

American Reprographics (ARC) is now "ARC", countrywide

ARC "rebranding" its divisions.

Formerly rumored to happen soon, ARC has now officially begun "rebranding" its "divisions" to "ARC", all over the U.S.

And, ARC's NYSE trading symbol, formerly "ARP", has changed to "ARC."

This morning, I visited the web-site of the ARC division that's based in Cleveland. That division was originally founded as "Lakeland Blueprint & Supply", changed its name several years ago to "eBlueprint" and is now being promoted as "ARC".

Upon reviewing the listing of the "Executive Team" at Lakeland Blue / eBlueprint / ARC, I think that ARC-division wins the prize for the most "officers" ....
- 1 President
- 6 Vice Presidents
- 8 Assistant Vice Presidents

Conclusion: If you want an opportunity to rise to an officer level position at a reprographics company, Lakeland Blue / eBlueprint / ARC might be a good place to apply for a job!

Andrew W. Ziegler

Divisional President

Ronald Groh

Vice President - Ohio Operations

Robert Johnsen

Vice President - Colorado Operations

Frank Loughan

Vice President - Sales & Marketing - Ohio Operations

Tina A. Lemanowicz

V.P. Administration

George W. Benedict

V.P. Technology

Jack D. Lake

V.P. Operations, eBlueprint Colorado

Jeremy Michael Bright

Assistant Vice President, Akron Operations

Kim Reed

Assistant Vice President, Eastside Operations

David Riedel

Assistant Vice President, Color Graphics

Bob Marinko

Assistant Vice President, Software Architect

Richard Hetzel

Assistant Vice President, Procurement

Lilli Ann Davis, CESM

Assistant Vice President, Digital Library

Raymond O'Neil

Assistant Vice President, Sales

John Lowery

Assistant Vice President, Cleveland Operations

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