Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So, when you are invited to participate in the next RFP, think about this .....

I found a well written and thought provoking article this evening, at The "thought" that this post provokes is "aggravation." That's because, most of the time, when I had to compete in an "RFP" process, I'd end up being totally aggravated .... and sometimes quite frustrated ..... to the point where I'd ask myself, "why did I bother?"

Below, you’ll find just the beginning the article I'm referring to .... very well written. Unfortunately, I think Ms. Gooding is preaching to the choir.

Requests For Proposal: End the Madness!

By Elizabeth Gooding on January 19th, 2011

Many of my posts originate in my head as rants, are subsequently doused with antacid (and some form of sedative) and thoroughly edited down to civilized business speak. Today I think perhaps I should just “let ‘er rip!”

Let’s face it, most participants in the RFP process (from either the Issuer’s or the Responder’s perspective) don’t profit from it. You would think that the Issuer would always benefit but, in fact, they usually only achieve cost savings in trade for:

You can find the “full” article at this Internet address:

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