Friday, January 28, 2011

Internet-based Planroom products (Update #1)

On January 26th, we posted an article highlighting various Internet-based Planrooms.

Here's one we forgot to mention:


BlueprintOnline—an online planroom for all your project needs

When you need an online planroom to manage, distribute, and print drawings for your projects, turn to BlueprintOnline. The product of more than 25-years of our experience with the AEC industry, BlueprintOnline gives you the efficiency, protection, and customization needed in an online planroom.


Version control of drawings using dedicated folders

Integrated address book with ability to import existing contacts

Secure file uploads using 128-bit encryption


Manage bid announcements to distribute drawings and other construction documents

Access construction documents any time, any place on the web

Create custom project trees

BlueprintOnline enables access to construction documents any time and any place. To ensure file protection over the internet, BlueprintOnline encrypts files for all transfers. This creates a secure project planroom for you and your team.

BlueprintOnline features a simple interface that allows you to organize projects using standard construction set formats. Users access files using a project tree that grows with the project, and includes version control for tracking drawing changes. File access is managed through permission levels set by your designated administrator.

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