Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For Reprographers who are interested in expanding the scope of their services…. IDEAL-Cloud, "Technology for Today's Digital Reprographer"

In a post on my blog on January 6, 2011, I did a write-up about an article that Shaun Meany (President of ARC’s PEiR Group) posted on his blog on Tuesday, January 4, 2011. The title of Shaun’s article was, PEiR to Power Sales with New 2011 Theme

In the body of his article, Shaun said this:

So what should a reprographer do? Reprographers need to have a sales culture that empowers their employees to sell other stuff besides printing. What stuff and how? We will get to this in later posts!”

And, in response to what Shaun said, I said this, “I, for one, am very much looking forward to Shaun’s future posts, which, hopefully, will shed light on what reprographers should do!”

Since his original post on January 4th and true to his word (his promise to share with reprographers “what do do”), Shaun has already posted two different articles, which are his suggestions to reprographers, so far.

The two articles are:

“2011 the Year to Emphasize your Managed Services” (FRIDAY, JAN 7, 2011)

"Cloud Printing Services" - Reprographics on the Cloud” (FRIDAY, JAN 14, 2011)

Related directly to the issue of “reprographers who want to expand the scope of their services”, I came across a recent Press Release from IDEAL about an SaaS/Cloud Printing service that IDEAL is offering to Reprographers - - - so that Reprographers can offer this service to their customers ……

IDEAL- Cloud (Powered by

“Technology for Today’s Digital Reprographer

Cloud Based document management and workflow, provides alternative income source for (companies who are inReprographic Industry.

IDEAL Scanners & Systems, long-time provider of innovative solutions for scanning, and document management today announces a new product for the Reprographic industry, designed to provide an alternate income source for Reprographers in the light of declining printing requirements. This Software-as-a-Service | Cloud Computing (SaaS | Cloud) platform enables Reprographers to provide their customers with the latest in workflow, and affords the Reprographer an opportunity to become an expert in technology that is in demand by his customers.

Ideal-Cloud manages all types of scanned large and small documents as well as all types of CAD files, including corporate legacy data from IBM mainframe to SharePoint. Workflows can be created from one step to hundreds of steps, from one location to around the world, Involving small groups, to large groups of thousands of people or more.

IDEAL-Cloud serves reprographers’ existing AEC client base and also opens up other market segments traditionally not served by the Reprographic community, such as, government, legal, health care. .

IDEAL-Cloud integrates “modules,” delivered via a cloud computing architecture, that are designed to address the business process, data management, governance, risk mitigation and compliance (GRC) needs of businesses particularly in heavily-regulated and risk-sensitive industries. All the tools to build efficient workflows in a secure environment are provided by IDEAL-Cloud

“No other industry is as well suited as Reprographics to offer document management workflows,” says Jay Magenheim, President of IDEAL. “They know how to provide scanning services and how to utilize pick-up and delivery workflows better than anyone. The future of the Reprographic industry depends on new business models that allow Reprographers to serve their traditional customers efficiently while establishing new customers in new markets. The great thing about providing a digital service like IDEAL-Cloud is the residual income.”

We say start small and scale. Contact me and register your client with our non-compete. I will provide you with a survey that you can give to your customer. Upon receiving the survey back I will set up a customized demo for your customer with you. Many times customers will provide their own documents.

This is truly a plug and pay scenario. Move your customer into IDEAL-Cloud and your customer will pay you over and over.

IDEAL believes that IDEAL-Cloud will enable reprographic companies to evolve beyond print and become digital hubs with expertise in applying modern technology to new business models. Interested Reprographers are invited to contact for more information. Watch for upcoming announcements of online seminars which will focus on SaaS/Cloud computing for the Reprographic industry.

About IDEAL provides a wide range of small and large format scanning, indexing, archiving, converting and editing services and solutions for office documents and for the AEC, GIS , Reprographics, Medical, Legal, Financial, and other markets requiring document imaging.. We pride ourselves in developing ongoing relationships with our customers, dealers and business partners in establishing a common vision for the future of our technology to increase our productivity, profitability and growth. Our mission is to provide the best possible value, leading edge technologies, quality and service to our customers. For more information on IDEAL products and services, call 301-468-2050 or visit

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