Thursday, January 13, 2011

Information posted by Swinerton (a large GC out west) to its "sub-center" (for Sub-Contractors) about iSqFt's "Private Construction Office" service

Two posts ago, I highlighted iSqFt's offerings to GC's and Sub-Contractors. After doing some quick "Google" search, I found a link to an announcement from Swinerton (a very large GC in the western part of the U.S.) to its "invited" Sub-Contractors - - this is the information that iSqFt provides its GC customers so that the GC's can provide "heads-up" information to their Sub-Contractors.

I don't know how old (or how new) this particular information is. It could be outdated at this point. But, for those of you (reprographers) who've never seen this information before, it might be of interest to you.


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"So you have been invited to bid.."

On a project by a general contractor who maintains a Private Construction Office at In addition, this general has also issued you a project pass allowing you to access the project detail information, plus the entire set of plans and specifications on-line at for no charge.

What is a Private Construction Office?

Many general contractors and developers are now using a Private Construction Office (CO), located on the Internet at to manage their bid and construction processes. Frequently you can find plans, specs, jobsite photographs, schedules and other relevant information inside their “virtual” office.

Inside the CO the GC can find and maintain a listing of subcontractors and suppliers who may be interested in bidding his work. From this list the GC may choose to add new companies, remove companies or issue the companies invitation to bid notices via fax or email.

What is a Project Pass?

A unique project pass is issued along with an invitation to bid to all non-iSqFt subscribers. The pass itself will allow the non-iSqFt member to log into iSqFt and to see the project or projects that he or she has been invited to bid on. NOTE: iSqFt subcontractor / supplier members do not need a project pass as they have full, unrestricted access to each job they are invited to bid on.

How do I use the Project Pass?

The pass itself is simply a number, typically an 8 digit number that holds the access to your projects. The user simply needs to go to, then click Log- in and enter the pass number for both the password and the username.

Next click on the project listings folder and you will see a link which will display any and all projects that you currently are invited to bid on and have been issued a project pass. By clicking on the name of the project you can see all the project information including the plans and specifications. The plans are highly compressed so they will download much quicker than you would expect.

Do I need anything else to view the plans?

YES: When you first log in you will see a link to download the iSqFt plans and specifications viewer. You will need to do this prior to being able to view plans or specifications.

Does it cost me anything?

No. The general contractor or owner who sent you the project pass has already paid your fee to access this project. You must accept a user agreement but there is no cost to you.

Can I reply to the general contractor?

Yes. In fact it would be helpful to the person who sent you the invitation if you would review the project documents, then click below the project to either accept or decline the invitation. A decline would indicate that you would still like to receive invitations in the future but that they shouldn’t expect to receive a bid from you on this one.

Keep your company profile updated.

When any general contractor searches for you to invite on future projects the system automatically matches the

CSI codes that you have in your profile against the CSI codes on the new project. If the codes that are shown in your company’s profile don’t match any of the CSI codes on the project, you won’t be invited. Also be sure that you verify your contact information including your email address. It costs Messer money to send you even a one page fax, but if you have a valid email address it costs them nothing to communicate to you.

To update your profile, log in to then click your company name in the upper left hand corner to view your profile page.

Need help or more information: Phone iSqFt 1-800-364-2059 Or Email to

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