Friday, January 7, 2011

Larry Hunt's Newsletters - January 2011 Issue(s) just released - HP L25500 Price Quote

Since I'm considered a member of the press (and also because I am a friend of the owner of the Larry Hunt Newsletters business), I get a free courtesy copy of Larry Hunt's Newsletters each month.

If you are not familiar with these newsletters, there are three monthly publications:
* Larry Hunt's Wide Format News
* Larry Hunt's Color Copy News
* Larry Hunt's High-Speed Copy News

Not too long ago, I had an email exchange with Dirck Holscher of Larry Hunt Newsletters, and, in that e-mail exchange, I indicated to Dirck that the HP L25500 (latex) wide-format printer appeared to be, at least in my opinion, outstanding new technology (well, sorta new, since it has been on the market for about a year by now).

At the beginning of the January 2011 issue of Larry Hunt's Wide Format News, there's a very recent, very INTERESTING "price quote" for the HP L25500 printer.

Because price quotes are only available to people who subscribe to the newsletter, I'm not at liberty to tell you what the "price quote" was (the one that appears in the newsletter), but, let me just say that I was "shocked" when I saw the price quote!

Here's what that "article" says, except that I've deleted the *price quote. (Sign up as a subscriber and see it for yourself.)

The following is a price quote ... we have received this month.

1. New Hewlett Packard L25500 60 inch Printer with Wasatch HP Edition RIP

*Net Price (with trade-in credit) *$_______.

Editor comments: The list price for this HP DesignJet L25500 60 inch printer is $24,000. This unit is designed to use the new HP latex ink technology. This pricing amounted to a substantial discount of *___% off list price. This deal also included over $1,000 worth of free media and a set of free ink cartridges. The RIP included in the above price was valued at about $1,500. This price was based on several promotions available to franchisees, but is indicative of the kind of pricing that is available if the dealer wants to close a deal. Timing may also have something to do with this exceptional price, since the deal was closed near the end of the year.

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