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Internet-based "Planroom" products

Wow, there are a lot of Internet-based “planroom” products out there!

A layman’s (and very brief) definition of an Internet-based planroom – a “site” on the Internet where plans and specifications (and other documents) are hosted, accessible, viewable and where files (of the plans and specs) can be downloaded (a feature offered by some, but not by all) and where visitors can submit “orders” for printed plans and specs (a feature offered by all reprographers, but sometimes not by others who are not reprographers). In its purest essence, an Internet-based planroom is a “document management” service. Some products are targeted at document management and distribution, others are targeted at that plus “collaboration” between project participants.

I decided to spend a few hours today to see how many “planroom” products I could find. I found a bunch of them, but, as that saying goes, “I’m done”, for there are far too many out there and it would probably take me a full week to locate all (or most) of them …. and that’s beyond the scope of my interest.

Here’s some of the ones I found. As to each, I’ve posted just a bit of information (from their respective web-sites), and, if you want to explore them, I’ve provided Internet addresses for each. I could not find one that I was looking for – OCE PlanCenter – does someone know if OCE is still selling that product in the U.S.?

Also, the first section of this article about planrooms reveals information about “commercially available” planrooms. I’ve also included a few at the end that appear to have been developed by “customers” who wanted planrooms, but who decided to “do them on their own.”

Okay, here’s the different Internet-based planrooms I found today:

Control, Share and Collaborate on Project Docs


SyncWare is an application that allows architects, engineers, general contractors and developers to upload and share documents. By using SyncWare during the design phase, architects can easily share and collaborate with the design team. During construction, SyncWare makes it easy for contractors to communicate project plans and specs to the project team.

Project Village PlanRoom

An Internet Based solution for the Construction Industry

Save thousands of dollars when distributing plans and specs in the pre-bid process! A project on the ProjectVillage™ Plan Room costs you less.

Eliminate costly printing for bidders who are not interested. Simply post the project and invite bidders to review the documents online. Bidders that choose to bid can then order hardcopy sets directly from the Plan Room. The bottom line is that what gets printed is only what needs to get printed. At $100 for a full set of documents, the Plan Room can save you thousands in printing costs alone.

The ProjectVillage™ Plan Room provides a unique combination of the most features, service and integration. Many plan room applications offer a narrow set of specific features, especially those run by print houses and reprographic organizations. ProjectVillage™ offers the most complete set of features that includes communication, ongoing management of a bidders database, online ordering, viewing, downloading, archiving, sourcing new bidders, sourcing new projects and using local print houses. Three levels of service for project hosts from do-it-yourself to hands off. We can provide as much, or as little, personal service as you need.and we can do it in a hurry! Full integration with our project management application gives your company a broader range products and room to grow within our system.

PLANCOMMAND (was developed by RSA, one of the repro industry associations)

What is PlanCommand?

A Scalable, Secure Web-based Solution for:

Project Planning and Collaboration

Project Communication and Management

Document Control and Distribution

Created for:






Harness the Power of the Internet with a State-of-the-Art Comprehensive Solution

Instant access to information can often spell the difference between success and failure in the crush of stringent deadlines and shortened timelines. The PlanCommand System will simplify your task of managing valuable assets, and make it easy to search for and retrieve information on a timely basis. The Web-based PlanCommand system provides easy access to information via a standard HTML browser (such as Internet Explorer) on an Internet portal from anywhere in the world.

The PlanCommand System will greatly enhance your project's on-time performance, and save significant time and money. It will enable your company to operate more efficiently by organizing project data and making it totally accessible through any HTML browser. This Web-based solution dramatically reduces time-consuming phone calls and emails; and, enables you to share documents among project team members in a secure environment.

Autodesk BUZZSAW

Autodesk® Buzzsaw® software as a service (SaaS) delivers document, design, and data management tools to architecture, engineering, and construction firms and owner-operators. Using Autodesk Buzzsaw web-based software, project teams can better centralize and more securely exchange project information, enhance team collaboration, and support building information modeling (BIM) workflows.

iSqFt Private Construction Office

Get the Power of the Private Construction Office

The iSqFt Private Construction Office is another tool that general contractors across the country are rapidly adopting as an indispensable part of their everyday efforts for managing their preconstruction process and winning more work.

The Private Construction Office gives contractors the power to minimize the inefficiencies that exist in the estimating and bidding process phase of the project life cycle, and deliver real, hard dollar cost reductions. These efficiencies and savings translate directly into a quantifiable competitive advantage on bid day.

How does the Private Construction Office work?

Within his Private Construction Office, a general contractor uploads all of the critical documentation related to an upcoming project. This provides a quick and secure method for distributing project plans, specs, and addenda, as well as construction schedules, meeting minutes, or any other documents that need to be shared with the project team.


NextPlans, a project information management and distribution (PIMD) service, is pleased to announce its January 2011 Feature Release.

· Collaboration Subject Lines – Added the ability to change the subject line of a collaboration email. We have also added, under review notifications, a list view of the notifications to include the subject lines. If a user does not specify a subject line, the notification will revert to the default subject line previously in place.

· Collaboration Message Formatting – Added a text editor to the message box, allowing formatting of the message body of a collaboration email.

· iPhone/iPad – NextPlans now allows viewing of project documents via iPhone/iPad. This does not require an app, just navigate to the sites as normal, and view a document. You can also add the PDF to iBooks if you use that app (this will allow you to save a document for subsequent viewing). 

· Streaming Downloads - All users will be able to more efficiently download multiple documents from any NextPlans plan room. This will, for many users, bypass the package download method of batch downloads of project documents. By selecting this new option, users can instantly download the contents of a project folder to their computer versus downloading individually or placing a Package Download order.

About NextPlans

NextPlans is web-based service that facilitates project information management and information distribution for owners, architects, engineers, general contractors, and specialty contractors throughout the United States. NextPlans creates customized solutions that allow our clients to centralize information, reduce administrative costs, mitigate risk, and improve efficiency. NextPlans is one system with all-inclusive components that creates transparency and accountability on a project from schematic design to facilities management. For more information on NextPlans, visit or call 1-866.215.0428. is the premier destination for contractors, subs, and suppliers searching for construction bid opportunities. Plans, Specifications, Addenda, Bid Invitations & Planholders lists are all available online 24x7. We have everything that you need to secure more contracts and build your business.

What Makes Us Different Than Other Online Plan Rooms?

We host the application so there is no software to install or manage.

We provide FREE technical support to all users so there is no IT burden.

Our plan room service is FREE.

We backup all data nightly and provide an extensive disaster recovery plan.

Users can order documents from ANY printer and have them delivered locally.

Users can print documents for FREE on their own equipment.

You have the option to publish your projects to over 7000 registered contractors & subs.

Free upgrades installed automatically.

Unmatched performance! We use top of the line cisco routers and windows servers to guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Features & Benefits

Automatic addenda notification system.

On-Screen measurement & Markup capabilities.

Automatic version control.

Fully customizable permissions system.

Detailed activity logs.

Quickly and easily view bid coverage.

Option to publish projects to over 7000 contractors & subs.

Free technical support for all users.

All project information located in one central repository available 24x7.

Reduce printing costs by up to 60%.

All data is secure and backed up nightly.

PlanWell Enterprise (sm) (product of American Reprographics Co – ARC)

The most commonly used and widely available online planroom in the industry today, Enterprise offers power, convenience and comprehensive services for all your plan management needs.

PlanWell Enterprise:

PlanWell Enterprise combines the services of your reprographer with a powerful Web application that accomplishes four primary tasks:

· Manages and tracks your project plans and specs - find any plan at the click of mouse (and never lose one again!)

· Manages and tracks the users of your project plans and specs - know who got what and when

· Allows users to order prints and arrange their delivery - the reprographer does the printing and distribution

· Compiles a historical record and archives your plans and specs as documents are added to the planroom - close the job and the archive is finished (no "after-the-fact" archive compilation)

Simply provide your reprographer with project plans and specs (electronically or in paper form), indicate how you would like them organized - by discipline, CSI code, historical issue, etc. - and who should have access to them. The content provider typically pays a small document management fee for the use of the system, but other users of the system simply pay for their normal reprographic services, nothing more.

PlanWell Collaborate:

PlanWell Collaborate is an intuitive, cost-effective cloud project collaboration application designed for Project Managers in AEC.

ReproMAX Technology

With the exclusive ReproMAX technology suite, you have the power to provide your clients with the most advanced set of tools for project document management in the AEC industry. ReproMAX members have years of experience managing and distributing documents. We seek members and establish standards to continually invest in the leading technology available today to make document management and distribution as simple and accurate as possible.

30 November 2010 (press release)

ReproMAX (Chesterfield, Missouri, USA) has signed a major contract with Asite's distributor in North America (SaaS North America) to supply and host its award winning web-based collaborative Software as a Service (cSaaS). Asite's cSaaS platform enables the ReproMAX membership to deliver a complete collaborative solution for print services and project management solutions to maximize data and control.

CMAX (this is the “Asite” product mentioned above)

The cMAX Solution Suite enables you to take continuous, planned and measured steps to improve your company's profit margins, through more efficient and effective collaborative working practices and a global distribution & delivery network. Utilizing our state-of-the-art cloud based secure global data centers, you are just an internet browser away from centrally sharing and managing your key documents and information. Whether its optimizing your prequalification process, stream-lining your bid invitation and response workflow, managing your construction document change, submittal and closeout operation, maximizing your BIM utilization or automating your procurement process, cMAX has the right solution for you.

PDM 3.0

PDM 3.0 is an efficient and sustainable approach to managing project information, contacts and complex documentation through the project lifecycle; from concept to closeout. The result is a more efficient project workflow that helps companies increase productivity, reduce project costs, mitigate risks and


ReproMAX offers exclusive access to ReproMAX DFS, the leading plan room and digital document management software for the reprographic industry. This program allows you to upload documents easily, view quickly, distribute globally, track efficiently and print anywhere all on your own customized online plan room. Documents are available online 24/7 for your project team to access from any location. ReproMAX DFS makes it easy to get the right information to the right people—quickly.


Over 120 Reprographers in 37 States are using ReproConnect to grow their businesses

ReproConnect: A different kind of planroom

ReproConnect is a planroom designed to lower costs, increase profit, and help your reprographics business grow. You own it, you control it, and you reap the benefits.

It is simple, fast, and very affordable

ReproConnect is incredibly simple for you and your customers. It is fast and easy, not time consuming or cumbersome. And it costs a fraction of what you might expect.

A complete top-to-bottom solution. We provide a custom designed planroom, server hardware and software, installation and training, sales and marketing materials, and support. Everything you need, one flat price. Real people, real service. We stand behind our product, period. We are real people who answer our phones and help you with questions or issues. And we do not charge for it! Yes, you read that right.

Bidcenter OnLine Planroom

Bidcenter for your business

The Bidcenter Online Planroom was designed to be user friendly, robust in features, and detail oriented on a per project scenario. Start using the Bidcenter Planroom and see how much it does for your online planroom needs.

The Bidcenter Online Planroom is a flexible and feature rich online Planroom for the construction and reprographics industries. The Bidcenter Planroom allows small and large companies to manage their Planroom jobs, and update files easy with no need for extensive training. If you are tired of using cumbersome planrooms, make the switch to Bidcenter online Planroom, our planroom is affordable, easy to use, and has many features. We have created the Bidcenter to be simple to use and not waste your time. It is very fast and has a friendly interface for you as an admin and for you clients on the frontside user area. We have integrated the Adeptol online document viewer into the Bidcenter to ensure you have the security of protecting your documents while being viewed online. Please visit our Features overview page for more info on what you can expect in the current version of the Bidcenter Online Planroom.

If you have questions or comments, please send an email to or call us at- 1 (888) 225-7706.

BuildFLOW (is a product offered by AEC Repro, NYC, NY)

BuildFLOW is a managed and automated workflow with a long history of providing efficiency and cost cutting solutions to the building industries. It is an integrated solution that meets the needs of all team members with flexibility to adapt to changing requirements. There are no licenses to purchase, user fees or software to install. Team members can access, organize and distribute documents in a secure and easy-to-use web interface.

BuildFLOW solves the costly problems created when multiple departments and companies work on the same project. It eliminates the issues of disconnected applications, spreadsheets and loose paper files across dozens of offices and hard drives. Centralizing these elements increases the accuracy and timeliness of all information, reducing the costs and delays of incomplete or outdated specifications.


The BuildFLOW workgroup system offers your team powerful tools in an easy-to-use interface. Features include:

Document Management

Ordering Documents

Bid Management

Contact Management

Manage Projects



Benefits of Our Online Plan Room

Free online plan room!

More winning bids!

Increase qualified leads

Real time updates for addenda, etc.

24/7 access to project information

Eliminate nuisance calls

Master Builders of Iowa (State AGC Chapter)

Construction Update Online Internet Plan Room powered by iSqFt (CUonline)

Construction Update Online Internet Plan Room (CUonline) powered by iSqFt is a breakthrough for subcontractors - giving them a powerful tool for finding new work and better opportunities by positioning themselves in front of more general contractors.

Through MBI’s network consisting of over 900 Construction Update Online powered by iSqFt subscribers and the MBIonline Private Construction Offices for General Contractors subcontractors have access to thousands of public and private projects. Search for public projects in the CUonline Internet Plan Room based on the CSI codes you perform and types of projects you want to bid. Find general contractors seeking bids - right here, right now - from companies just like yours, and request access to their Private Construction Offices.

Yakima Plan Center (Washington State)

The Yakima Plan Center's Virtual Plan Room is an innovative service that provides your business with the most comprehensive resource for up-to-the-minute construction information and the latest state-of-the-art web based tools available.

The "Virtual Plan Room" is a web (internet) based program you access using your favorite web browser (Internet Explorer, MSN, etc.). Plans can then be sorted by your occupation or most any other need and viewed either as an image or as an Acrobat document. Simply print from the FREE Acrobat reader, your favorite image manipulation program or from Take off, also FREE and available to download.

McCrory Construction Company, LLC (South Carolina)

(Under “Why McCrory”, they say thisJ


· Project and Cost Control Management using Primavera Expedition Software

· Accounting & Job Costing managed by Windows NT & Timberline

· Internet based communications as well as digital and video photographic capabilities available on all project sites

· Project specific and password protected website

· Internet based Plan Room

Projects Bidding:

To use your password to view more detailed information and to access drawings click on a project below. To obtain a password for a project or additional projects, you can e-mail Lisa Wyckoff. If you are not on McCrory's permanent vendor list, you will need to fill out the form below before obtaining a password.

Bidding - 1102 St Andrews Pres - Design BuildFax bid to McCrory by 5:00pm on 1/24/2011 at (803) 254-9800.

Bidding-1103 Palmetto Health-MRI ReplacementFax bid to McCrory by 3:00pm on 1/24/2011 at (803) 254-9800.

Bidding - 1106 Marina ProjectFax bid to McCrory by 10:00pm on 1/27/2011 at (803) 254-9800.

Bidding - 1108 US Foodservice - Finishes PkgFax bid to McCrory by 5:00pm on 2/3/2011 at (803) 254-9800.

Bidding - 1109 Wal-mart 1010 Rockingham NCFax bid to McCrory by 3:00pm on 2/7/2011 at (803) 254-9800.

Bidding - 1107 Wal-mart 1522 Elkins WVFax bid to McCrory by 3:00pm on 2/16/2011 at (803) 254-9800.

To be added to the McCrory Vendor List, fill out the Vendor Questionnaire.

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