Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anne Arundel County Public Schools and Gardens Reprographics

Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) has an agreement with Gardens Reprographics (Baltimore, MD) whereby Gardens hosts the plans and specs for AACPS’ “capital” (construction) projects and whereby prospective general contractors and sub-contractors, who want to purchase plans and specs, do so by ordering directly from Gardens.

Here’s what appears on AAPCPS’ web-site, where it talks about the availability of, and ordering procedures for, plans and specs:

To obtain a copy of the specifications and plans for capital projects, go to . To go to Garden Reprographics, Inc virtual plan room or production, email . AACPS will no longer issue plans and specifications for bidding. The first set of specifications and drawings are free to the contractor. Additional sets may be purchased from:

Gardens Reprographics, Inc

419 Saint Paul Place Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Yes, it does say that “the first set of specifications and drawings are free to the contractor.” And, yes, it does say that, “additional sets may be purchased from Gardens”.

The question is, who is incurring the cost for the first set that’s ‘free”? Could it be that AACPS is paying for the first set that’s free to contractors? Or, could it be that Gardens, itself, is incurring the cost of that first “free” set in exchange for the opportunity to print and sell additional sets?

FYI, here’s a link to the document I found on AACPS’ web-site:

One of my ex-associates, Bill Sparwasser, a 30+ year veteran of the reprographics business and industry, is a V.P. of Gardens Reprographics.

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