Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Final Judgment against Florida Blueprint Service (Jacksonville)

Note: I was traveling in Europe for three of the past four weeks and am now playing “catch up” on articles for the blog. Sorry for the absence. I would have posted while in Europe, but I forgot to take with me my laptop power cable!

Final Judgment against Florida Blueprint Service (Jacksonville)

On August 16, 2011, the Circuit Court of the 4th Judicial District in and for Duval County, Florida issued a final judgment in favor of CIT Technology Financing Services, Inc. against Advanced Engineered Solutions, Inc. (dba Florida Blueprint Service). The amount of the judgment was $48,393.83.

Florida Blueprint Service, which operates in the Jacksonville, FL Metro area, is not affiliated with Florida Reprographics. Florida Reprographics operates in the Tampa, FL Metro area. Florida Reprographics is operating under Chapter 11.

I’ve posted in my Google Docs library a copy of the final judgment issued by the Court against Florida Blueprint Service. Here’s the Internet address of that document:


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