Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NRI issues Press Release about project in Massachusetts

NRI, Suffolk Construction Move Fast-Track Project Forward for UMass

NEW YORK— September 19, 2011— NRI is supporting Suffolk Construction’s efforts to rapidly move forward a major construction project for the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester without using traditional construction documents to direct the efforts.

Typically, construction projects begin with full schematics created by architects and engineers and approved by contractors. But when Suffolk was tasked with building the Sherman Center for UMass, the project’s tight time frame required a different approach.

“Because this was a fast-track project, Suffolk was working only from design packages, which were constantly evolving as the project continued,” said Peter Sarapas, NRI regional manager. “That makes it difficult to keep everything in order.”

Suffolk called on NRI to manage the frequently changing documents to ensure that everyone involved in the project had the right versions with the most up-to-date information, ensuring that everyone on the construction team and all subcontractors were working from the latest information. In addition to the extensive document management services, NRI is providing Suffolk with a complete rate of equipment to allow for on-site printing and scanning with full support for continuous availability.

“By partnering with NRI and their on-site equipment and services, we’ve gained the advantage of access to real-time digital information,” said Jason Seaberg, Suffolk Construction Project Manager. “Through this we’ve been able to gain a competitive advantage, which translates to time and money savings on our project management and coordination costs with subcontractors and suppliers.”

Building from design packages is becoming more common as a method to decrease the time between project concept and the beginning of construction. By creating the construction documents in phases as the project moves forward, contractors can begin work while architects and engineers design subsequent phases of the building.

While design packages more projects forward, they also add complexity to coordination, communication and timing of projects, requiring extensive document management services such as on-line document availability and approval for all parties involved.

“Anyone can do the easy projects,” said Sarapas. “The speed of this project increased both the complexity and the importance of keeping everyone on the same page. That’s what we do well.” The Sherman Center project is on track for completion in 2012.

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