Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Document Management for A/E/C projects and an iPAD application to access the documents - VELA SYSTEMS

After doing a post about “” (the most recent previous post on my blog), I found and visited the web-site of “”. You might find it interesting to read the bio's of the members of Vela System's "management team".

Vela Systems says this on one of the pages on its web-site:

As mobile technology growth surges daily and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions become the hot button at every company, Vela Systems has become one of the fastest growing companies in the Architecture-Engineering-Construction-Owner (AECO) industry.

Pioneering the use of unique, mobile tablet-based software applications, Vela Systems dramatically accelerates job completion on construction and capital projects while improving quality, oversight, and delivering savings to the bottom line. Vela Systems replaces the clipboard, pen & paper and "tube of drawings" normally used by field personnel with our easy-to-use software and Tablet PCs.

Among other products Vela Systems promotes on its web-site, I found these that appears to be specifically related to A/E/C project document management and the ability to access documents using an iPAD:


The Vela Systems Library module automatically delivers project documents to all company and team members, guaranteeing the right information is delivered to the right people. Field superintendents, project managers, safety managers, subcontractors, and their teams get access to the most up-to-date documents, plans and specifications in Vela Field Manager and Vela Mobile. Distributing documents is easy: just put the latest project documents into the library and they will be immediately available to everyone on the team.

Library Benefits
  • Save time by reducing trips back to the job trailer to get correct or updated information.
  • Make better decisions in the field by accessing the latest plans and specifications.
  • Reduce project and company risk - all team members and employees automatically have the "latest version" of project and company documents.
Library Capabilities
  • Store and distribute drawings, plans, images, reference materials, specifications and company policies.
  • Instantly share document changes among field and office personnel.
  • Easily navigate and view files through a simple folder navigation structure.

A web-based platform for all Vela Systems® field and management users. Contractors, trades, owners, architects and engineers access all documents, field activities and reports in one easy-to-use website.
  • Accessible via the Internet on any device
  • Industry-leading ease-of-use
  • Powerful features for self-service of users, projects, company templates and more
A suite of mobile applications that bring Vela everywhere on the jobsite. Vela mobile works with or without Internet access. Designed for Apple® iPad™ or any email-capable phone.
  • Documents, checklists, worklists and more for the iPad
  • Use in the field with or without Internet or cell phone connectivity
  • Any email-compatible phone (Blackberry®) can log issues
And, I found an article at, posted on December 1, 2010, which mentioned Suffolk Construction’s use of Vela Systems and tablet PC’s….. (the following is just a portion of that article).....

"Suffolk approached the 1 million-sq-ft project, started in September 2007, as a collection of individual jobs, with hybrid teams responsible for specific buildings and project managers acting as advocates for assigned trades throughout the campus. The company required subcontractors to staff the buildings with separate crews to avoid conflicts. Suffolk estimates it saved eight to 10 hours per week using Vela Systems and tablet PCs to carry plans, specifications and other documentation into the field."

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