Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Paperless" Construction Projects ???

This blog is devoted to articles and information about the Reprographics Industry. Although Reprographers do generate revenues from providing "digital" services, such as document management services (including PlanRooms), Reprographers generate most of their revenues from "printing" documents. Without revenues from "printing" documents, what would Reprographers do, and what would that mean for the future of the Reprographics Industry? I don't know anyone with a working crystal ball. But, I do know, based on observations the past three years, that changes in the A/E/C industry, changes that negatively affect the future of "printing on paper", are coming along and are highly likely to increase as time goes on. I don't think that anyone expects any drastic changes in the very near term, but, how about next year, the year after, or three or four years from now? Yes, there will be a recovery in the A/E/C Industry, but that does not necessarily mean or guarantee that the volume of "printing" will recover proportionately.

What got me started on this post, was a visit to the site of a software company known as "" I had visited Bluebeam's site before, but not recently. If you are in the reprographics business, you MUST visit Bluebeam; there is a lot of information about how A/E/C customers use and benefit from using Bluebeam's PDF product. If you are not aware of what A/E/C customers are using and saying, then how in the world will you really know what's going on?

First of all, Bluebeam is located at

There is a very interesting, very thought-provoking article, posted on Bluebeam's site, titled,
Paperless Construction Projects:
Implementing New Technologies to Digitize Project Communication

A White Paper by Architect Erica Lee RA, LEED AP

You can access that article at this Internet address:

There are a number of "case studies" on Bluebeam's web-site. You can access those case studies at this Internet address:

Disclosure: I don't own any stock in Bluebeam, ..... but I sure wish I did!

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