Thursday, December 16, 2010

Quarterly Index of A/E/C reprographer sales revenues from "plans printed on paper" (Q3 2010 update)

This is the 3rd quarter 2010 update to the index of the U.S.A. A/E/C reprographics industry's sales revenues of "plans-printed-on-paper".

The A/E/C Repro PPoP Index .....

This index does not attempt to track "total sales" of A/E/C reprographers. It attempts to track only sales of "plans printed on paper," which, traditionally and even nowadays, is the core (main) revenue generator for all A/E/C reprographers.

And, by "plans printed on paper", I mean A/E/C "plans", large-format, b/w and color, unbound or bound, full-size, half-size, whatever l/f size.

There will be a recovery in the A/E/C industry and thereby in the A/E/C reprographics industry. However, some are saying that even though there will be a recovery in the A/E/C industry, the recovery of sales revenues from "plans printed on paper" may not mirror the A/E/C industry's recovery, since some are expecting (I guess I should say, some are saying) that revenues from printing plans on paper are being negatively impacted by customers distributing CD's (or files) instead of distributing "hard copy" plans.

For this index, Q1 2006 is the ground-zero (base) point.

YR-- 2006-----2007-----2008----- 2009-----2010

Q1-- 1.00-------1.09-------1.10------0.65------0.55

Q2-- 1.06-------1.18-------0.98------0.65------0.60

Q3-- 1.08-------0.97-------0.85------0.57------0.60

Q4-- 0.89-------0.93-------0.64------0.49------

It does look to me like the index has stabilized, which means to be that we've begun a rebound from the bottom that was it in Q4 2009.

(This index is based on A/E/C Repro Vendor sales to A/E/C Reprographers)

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  1. Thank you very much for posting the PPoP data for the 3rd quarter.