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Pinnacle Infotech - BIM Services - Reprographics Newsletter

After the May 2009 IRGA Convention, I did a post about RCMS Group and about KP Reddy, President of RCMS. RCMS Group is a “BIM Services” company. In September 2009, ARC acquired the assets (and business) of RCMS; KP Reddy continued on with RCMS.

There is another company I know of that offers BIM services. And, today, while doing some reprographics industry research, it dawned on me that I’ve never done a post about that other company. (I am sure that there are many companies that offer “BIM services”.)

This other company is known as Pinnacle Infotech, Inc. and is led by Mr. Biswanath Todi.
Although it is highly doubtful that Biswanath with remember this, I first met him at an IRGA Convention. The IRGA Convention that was held in Orlando, several years ago. I remember visiting him at his booth – here he was promoting his firm’s CAD services. I recall asking him how much it would cost to scan a hardcopy A/E drawing and then covert from raster to vector. His response, “why scan and convert, when for around $50.00 per drawing, we can create a new vector (AutoCAD) file from scratch?” Made sense to me.

Anyway, I did not know what BIM was at that time (and I’m sure that most in the reprographics industry had little clue about BIM way back then.) And, he was not, to the best of my recollection, promoting Pinnacle’s BIM services at that time.

Here’s some information about Pinnacle Infotech, Inc.

“About Pinnacle”

Pinnacle Infotech was founded in 1992 to provide CAD Design, Modeling and Drafting solutions. We started serving the global market in 1998. A market leader today, Pinnacle has a team of 500 architects, engineers and CAD professionals with a thorough understanding of international architectural and construction

Pinnacle Infotech Inc.
9950 WestPark Drive
Houston, Texas 77063

P : 713-780-8784
E :
W :

Also, Pinnacle publishes a monthly newsletter that covers things happening in the reprographics industry. Here’s the lead-in to the most recent issue of that newsletter, Pinnacle’s Communique:

“Pinnacle's Communiqué”

Issue 18 / Nov.2010

The eighteenth issue of the Communiqué, Pinnacle's monthly newsletter is on shelves now. The newsletter focuses on the Reprographic industry. Hopefully the articles and news related write ups will interest you a lot. The write ups are high on information quotient as our sole aim is to keep you updated. The newsletter is intended to be a five minute read with many of the articles offering links to further information.

Biswanath Todi
Pinnacle Infotech Inc.

For those of you who are too lazy to “right now” visit Pinnacle’s web-site, here’s their “front page” introduction:

Pinnacle's Journey: A Landmark in BIM Service

Pinnacle can rightly boast of being the Global leader in the world of innovative BIM services for Construction, Architectural and Engineering Industry for 12 years.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a comparatively new concept in the world of construction. Pinnacle has been working tirelessly for 18 years to bring a revolution in the construction industry. Construction work of any sort is not all about just drawings, materials and then a building. There is a lot than what meet the eyes. The entire process involve a huge amount of expenditure, piles of wasted materials and to top it all a considerable amount of time. As they say, "time is money", we help you Buying Time, while buying our service.

During the early years of the 20th century, our company stepped in as one of the flag bearers in outsourcing BIM technology. The construction industry used to work independently before. Later on, the construction companies understood that a virtual 3D structure can make the process much easier and cost effective. The procedure got widely popularized in the US and other developed nations. Developing countries are fast catching up with the world. The construction companies and the building owners have started paying attention towards subscribing BIM service procedure as that can reduce the total expenditure by 5-15%. BIM is a service to eliminate RFI (request for information) or any other conflicts that arise during the construction procedure. Dispersion of wastage or clutter on the site helps in pr accurate prefabrication and thus improve the quality of construction.

Pinnacle has introduced innovative solutions and a delivery model which is significantly changing the functioning of the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industry. Our speedy delivery model for the AEC community has helped Pinnacle grow into a huge global BIM service provider. During the testing time of recession our MEP services have managed to establish its effective aid towards cost-cutting. The clients have also realized the reliability of BIM service.

Pinnacle has so far successfully delivered more than 1000 projects. Our delivered projects comprise of at least 3000 Institutional, Industrial, Residential and Commercial structures. 12 years is quite a long time and when we turn back, to our utter contentment find some large projects like, Airports, Hospitals, Stadium, Hotels, Research Centre, Power Plants, Water Treatment Plant, Convention Centre, etc. An ideal mix of infrastructure, experience, process and technology innovations and commitment to excellence has led to long term business relationships with over 500 clients globally.

BIM has a lot to offer in terms of advantages. The entire life-cycle of a project can be encapsulated using BIM. Today success of a project is determined by the pre-construction planning and coordination. Pinnacle Infotech integrates its process and services with customer's existing systems, in a manner, which ensures that existing critical systems remain in place and the new BIM technology starts providing benefits.

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Joel’s further comments:

When you do have the time to visit Pinnacle’s web-site:

• click on the “what is BIM” box and it brings up valuable information and insights about BIM

• click on the “testimonials” tab, and you will see that Pinnacle provides services not just to A/E firms, but to reprographers as well

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