Monday, December 13, 2010

Two of ARC's software products receive "BERTL's Best" Awards

The other day, I read about ARC receiving BERTL AWARDS for two of ARC’s software products:

*** AbacusPCR was awarded Best Print Tracking Solution in the marketplace in 2010.

*** PlanWell Collaborate was recognized as 2010’s Best AEC Project Management and Collaboration Tool.

Inasmuch as BERTL “best of” awards are not easy to come by, these awards were very impressive.

I haven’t ready the full articles about these two particular awards, so, in making these award selections, I have no idea what other “products” ARC’s products were compared to. If anyone knows that information, how about posting a comment with that information.

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  1. As for Abacus, we're not sure what it was compared to, but we know it *wasn't* compared to Sepialine Argos.