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Gill Reprographics Inc (GRI) - a U.S. Reprographics Industry "mover and shaker" with 15 locations

Well, “when you think you know quite a lot”, think twice about that.

In previous blog-posts about “movers and shakers” in the U.S. reprographics industry, I’ve mentioned American Reprographics (ARC), Thomas Reprographics, ABC Imaging, Lynn Imaging, C2 Reprographics, Service Point, National Reprographics (NRI) and several others, but, somehow, the growth of Gill Reprographics (GRI) managed to slip under my radar screen. (Note: I’ve previously pointed out that I don’t have a working crystal ball, and, now, I’m going to admit to you that my “radar screen” has, apparently, not been working well.)

While surfing the net for information about reprographers this morning, I visited the web-site of Gill Reprographics. Until I visited GRI’s web-site this morning, I HAD NO IDEA THAT GRI had expanded to 15 location

Evidently, Gary Gill’s sons, Mark and Steve, are extremely aggressive “2nd generation” business operators. Starting out in Oklahoma (of all places), GRI now operates 15 locations, and, if GRI manages, at some point, to add a location in Boston, NYC, or Washington, DC (or maybe Miami), we can then begin referring to GRI as a mini-nationwide enterprise.

I first met Gary Gill (a super-nice guy) founder of GRI, when he was working for Ridgway’s, and it was Tog Rogers (then owner of Ridgway’s; Ridgway’s is now an ARC-owned company) who introduced me to Gary. By the time I had first met him (which, I think, was around 1986), Gary had worked at Ridgway’s for a number of years, and, since he was then in a senior management role with Ridgway’s, he, of course, knew all of the players at Ridgway’s many branches, many of which were in Texas and in other Southwestern markets. Sometime after I first met Gary, I bumped into him at an IRGA Convention, and he told me that he had left Ridgway’s and had gone into the reprographics business, on his own, in Oklahoma. Well, it looks like Gary’s son’s have taken that business to a “whole nother level.” Given the number of branches GRI now operates in Texas, could it be that former Ridgway’s team members (or even owners) have contributed to the expansion of GRI?

Here’s the “About Us” on GRI’s web-site:

“Welcome to Gill Reprographics, Inc.”

“Founded in 1987 in Oklahoma City, OK, by Gary Gill, a 30+ year veteran of the reprographics industry, Gill Reprographics (GRI) has grown nationally and is now under the guidance of the second generation of Gills: Mark and Steve. With 15 locations across the country, GRI is looking to expand even further in the near future.”

And, here’s the listing of GRI’s locations:


GRI - Tempe, AZ

621 S. 48th Street
Suite 108
Tempe, AZ 85281
 Phone: (480) 829-9800
Fax: (480) 829-9100
Branch Manager: Brian Lee


GRI - Irvine, CA

17835 Sky Park Circle
Suite O
Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: (949) 251-9488
Fax: (949) 251-9486
Branch Manager: Ron Hill

GRI - San Francisco, CA

603 Commercial Street
Ground Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111
 Phone: (415) 956-8080
Fax: (415) 956-8070
Branch Manager: Clint Walston


GRI - Chicago, IL

17W715 Butterfield Road
Suite B
Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181
 Phone: (630) 652-0800
Fax: (630) 652-0801
Branch Manager: Terry Benson


GRI - Oklahoma City, OK

7001 N. Santa Fe Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
 Phone: (405) 947-6891
Fax: (405) 947-6892
Branch Manager: Kevin McFarlin

GRI - Tulsa, OK

5333-F South Mingo Road
Tulsa, OK 74146
 Phone: (918) 384-0290
Fax: (918) 384-0292
Branch Manager: Paul Mullenix

GRI - Tulsa - Downtown

317 S. Main Street
Suite 120
Tulsa, OK 74103
 Phone: (918) 599-9499
Fax: (918) 599-9494
Branch Manager: Paul Mullenix


GRI - Atlanta, GA

5825 Glenridge Drive
Building 1, Suite 106
Atlanta, GA 30328
 Phone: (404) 252.7775
Fax: (404) 252.7780
Branch Manager: Tim Neuman


GRI - Minneapolis, MN

701 Decatur Avenue North
Golden Valley, MN 55427
 Phone: (763) 544.1818
Fax: (763) 544.0465
Branch Manager: Mike Wiseman


GRI - Addison, TX

15058 Belt Way Drive
Suite 110
Addison, TX 75001
Phone: (214) 217-4800
Fax: (214) 217-4804
Branch Manager: Wade Johnson

GRI - Austin, TX

301 Congress Ave
Suite 130
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: (512) 478-8000
Fax: (512) 478-2190
Branch Manager: Joe Padilla

GRI - Dallas - Empire Central

1451 Empire Central
Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75247
Phone: (214) 267-0243
Fax: (214) 267-0235
Branch Manager: Wade Johnson

GRI - Dallas - 75 at SMU

6060 North Central Expressway
Suite 123
Dallas, TX 75206
 Phone: (214) 302-5821
Fax: (214) 302-5825
Branch Manager: Wade Johnson

GRI - Fort Worth, TX

126 South Main Street
Suite 120
Fort Worth, TX 76104
 Phone: (817) 529-3900
Fax: (817) 529-3901
Branch Manager: Wade Johnson

GRI - Houston, TX

11201 Richmond Avenue
Suite A104
Houston, TX 77082
 Phone: (281) 558-7070
Fax: (281) 558-7075
Branch Manager: Tommy Padilla

GRI - San Antonio, TX

1227 Safari
San Antonio, TX 78216
 Phone: (210) 404-1611
Fax: (210) 404-1633
Branch Manager

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