Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Related to previous post about "Paperless Construction" -

This morning, the former CTO of my ex-company, suggested that I visit the site of a blogger who authored an article, last year, titled "the end of blueprints". I did visit that blog and read the article. But, I did not find the article compelling, so I'm not going to suggest that you visit that blog and read that article. (The guy who wrote that article lacks an understanding of volumes printed by reprographers and an understanding of reprographics math.)

But, while visiting that blog-site, I read another article, one that led me to a company called "" has developed:

a) an e-planroom product
b) an app for the iPAD

Basically, subscribe to their SaaS service, load project documents to the cloud and then access those documents using an iPAD.

Here's what build-it-live says on their home page:

$35 per month per project, includes unlimited users at no additional cost.

Pay as you go, no long term contract. Click on the "Buy BuilditLive" button to get started.

Timely access to current construction documents, like drawings and schedules, is critical to a project's success. While sending an email is easy, the management of hundreds of documents received via email across multiple projects using MS Outlook and Windows Explorer is a huge headache and very inefficient.

Build It Live is an online (SaaS) construction project management software system that provides straightforward and efficient tools for project communication, from pre-design to completion. Communication and collaboration between architects, contractors, employees and clients is made simpler. New project information, such as updated drawings and changes to the schedule, is immediately visible to all participants. Questions that someone has about a project can be posted and responded to online in real time.

Build It Live centralizes all your construction documents easily and intuitively -- and there is no software to install! If you have internet access, you can find your drawings and documents 24/7. Everyone participating on the project simply logs into Build It Live to obtain all the construction management information they need to do the job right.

Spend less time managing each and every construction document and make life easier. Save time. Save money. Reduce mistakes in the field. With Build It Live’s construction project management (Saas) software solution you’ll deliver on-time projects at lower cost - making owners very happy and helping you win more work.

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