Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OCE announces new product - OCE CS2436MF ReproKiosk

On Wednesday, December 8, 2010, OCE issued a Press Release to announce the OCE CS2436MF ReproKiosk.

The OCE CS2436MF ReproKiosk combines a large-format multifunction scanner and plotter with an ergonomic workspot. This "workspot" is basically a well-designed (meaning, good looking) piece of furniture with a nice large work surface (over the top of the system) and with shelves and compartments for storing consumables, media and binding supplies.

The Océ CS2436MF ReproKiosk includes the fast Océ CS2436 color printer with an interpolated resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi, the Océ CS4236 high resolution scanner with 1200 x 1200 dpi and Océ Copy Easy for making copies. There is room to place a computer as well.

In the Press Release, OCE says, "Handling large plots can be awkward. Office workers have to drape their originals over a chair or bend over a low table to make changes. The Océ CS2436MF ReproKiosk concept converts the unusable space above a printer into a practical workspot. People can carry out all repro activities at an ergonomical working height with plenty of room to check, collate, fold and spread out large format documents. All operations, like media loading, scanning, collecting prints, easy job submission, user interface controls and document handling can be easily accessed from the front of the system.

 This system is ideal for architectural firms, manufacturers, construction companies and local government departments with small and medium-sized workgroups. Users in these environments can send jobs via a Windows-based printer driver."

You can see a video of this new OCE product at this internet address:

If I knew how to post a picture of this new OCE product, I would have done so!

IMHO, OCE has long been the best company in the large-format equipment workspace when it comes to design and esthetics. So, you will not be surprised when you see how good looking this system is. It will be very appealing to small and mid-size A/E/C firms who value having l/f imaging capabilities in-house. Kudo's to OCE on the design of this new system.

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