Monday, December 12, 2011

City of Phoenix, AZ – Bid for Reprographics Services (Low- bidder recommended for award)

On October 15, 2011, we did a post about this procurement on Reprographics 101.

This morning, I found the results of the bid, and, below, you’ll find the City Purchasing Department’s recommendation for aware.

Note that eight bids were submitted. In its award recommendation, the City did not list all of the vendors who submitted bids; only the top three (the three lowest) bids are listed. If you want to review all of the bids that were submitted and want to know the unit prices bid by all bidders for all line items, you will need to request that information by sending a letter to the City’s purchasing department. If you want to be an “educated” bidder, knowing only the “total bids” is useless; in order to be a truly educated bidder, you must do the homework necessary to determine the unit prices that were bid for each line item by each bidder, and, to get that information, you need to communicate your request for documents and information to the Purchasing Department!

Recommendation Date: November 30, 2011


Report of eight bids received by the Procurement Division on October 21, 2011 to provide the various City departments with Reprographic Services, on an as- needed basis, during a two (2) year contract period, beginning on or about, January 1, 2012 and ending December 31, 2013.

Reprographic services are necessary to reproduce documents outside of the City of Phoenix capabilities.

Following is a tabulation of the lowest, responsive and responsible bids received:

Name of Bidder

Total Bid

Perkinson Reprographics, Inc.*


dba PRI Graphics

Phoenix, AZ

AZ Overland Blueprint


Phoenix, AZ

Thomas Reprographics, Inc.


Phoenix, AZ

It is recommended by the Deputy Finance Director that the bid of Perkinson Reprographics, Inc., as asterisked, be accepted as the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder. Authorization is also requested for the City Controller to disburse funds over the life of the contract.

Financial Impact: The estimated expenditures for the initial two (2) year contract will be approximately $102,000.00, excluding tax, based on historical trends. Estimated annual expenditures are based on revised estimated annual quantities for Departments Citywide. The unit price is in proportion to the total bid price award. Actual usage of this contract may be higher or lower depending on need and budgeted funds. Funds are available in various Departments’ budgets.

Employment Impact It is estimated that this contract will create or maintain 1 private sector job.

Option to Extend Provisions of the agreement include an option to extend the contract up to three (3) additional years, in one-year increments, which will be exercised by staff if considered in the City’s best interest to do so.

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