Friday, December 9, 2011

PacBlue Printing announces the launch of its on-line digital print ordering site

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Before I saw PacBlue’s Press Release, I don’t recall having come across this company before. PacBlue Printing operates in Vancouver, Canada. Quite a beautiful city; I attended a couple of conventions in Vancouver over the years. After perusing through PacBlue Printing’s web-site, it is evident that they are a very diversified, service oriented digital printing and reprographics company, serving the A/E/C Industry as well as many other industries.

Here’s a bit about PacBlue Printing; then you’ll see the Press Release they issued about their new on-line ordering system. Thomas Repro (HQ’d in Dallas, TX) recently released its new, updated on-line ordering system, so I thought I’d take a few minutes to mention another company focused on making it easy-and-simple to place orders for reprographics and digital printing services.

Here’s a bit of information about PacBlue Printing:

PacBlue Printing (Head Office)

380 West 2nd Avenue, 2nd Floor

Vancouver, BC
Canada V5Y 1C8

Phone: 604.714.3288

PacBlue Printing offers business solutions for these types of companies, among others:

· A/E/C Industry

· Graphic Designers

· Marketing Professionals

· Real Estate Development

· Retail and Hospitality

· Museums & Galleries

· Cultural & Sporting Events

· Art & Photography

· Manufacturing & Wholesale

· Governments & Non-Profit

PacBlue Printing offers these products and services, among others:

· Marketing Materials

· Lightjet Printing

· Signs & Banners

· Vinyl Graphics

· Displays & Stands

· Finishing & Bindery services

· Scanning & Imaging

· Large-format digital printing & copying

· Small-format digital printing & copying

· A/E/C reprographics services and ProjectFile


Project Communication & Collaboration

Why You Want ProjectFile.™

 The Goal: Make construction and development projects easier to complete and more profitable with less risk. You can try to do this without a ProjectFile communication and collaboration platform, but you should consider several things first.

Good People Are Hard To Find.
 Staffing human resources is one of the more difficult issues facing construction and design-build firms when engaging in a project. ProjectFile augments your company staff by managing key tasks that could otherwise add several man-days, -weeks, or even -months, depending on the size and number of projects you're working on. What's more, ProjectFile is not subject to fatigue, distractions or lapses in judgment that occur more frequently with manual processes, saving you time and money.


PacBlue Printing Launches Online Digital Print Ordering Site

Friday, December 09, 2011

Press release from the issuing company

PacBlue Printing, Vancouver's premier small, large and grand format printing company announced today the launch of a new web-to print service for customers. The addition of this service broadens PacBlue's online presence and product offering. The new online store, gives customers 24 hour access to an online website where they can personalize artwork templates, receive instant quotes, place print orders and pay by credit card. 

"Customers demand for the new web-to-print service is high and we already have a number of large companies effectively utilizing our web-to-print solutions on a business-to-business basis. The implementation of the online ordering site has given us the opportunity to further enhance our service offering and business potential", said Jonathan Colley, CEO/President at PacBlue. 

The online ordering site was built with customer usability in mind. Instead of overwhelming users with long product descriptions or add-ons, the online store presents users with three basic options for placing their print orders: Best price, Upload your design and Design online.

"Customers can now order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and benefit from PacBlue's online high quality, well-priced, digitally printed products", said Mr. Colley. "We offer free product templates and other resources to help customers get the best results when ordering their prints online and now through the end of December we are giving a great coupon discount equalling the value of the HST."

This is just the beginning. As demand grows the PacBlue team will continuously add new features, products and services to keep the online order site current and provide 100% customer satisfaction.

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