Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NRI Wins the ReproMAX Partner of the Year Award

NRI has been named the 2011 ReproMAX Partner of the Year Award winner. More McCormack, Chief Technology Officer, accepted the award on behalf of NRI on October 20, 2011 at the 2011 Fall ReproMAX Partner Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

NRI has been dedicated to the reprographic and digital color printing industries for over 100 years, bringing its services and technology to the New York, Boston, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and San Francisco markets. In 1984, NRI became one of the founders of ReproCAD, today known as ReproMAX. Through the years, NRI has been actively involved in ReproMAX both as an innovator and leader. NRI has participated on numerous advisory boards and leadership committees and currently Doug Magid, President of NRI, is serving a three year term on the Board of Directors. "To receive this award from ReproMAX is truly the highest compliment to NRI. Being honored as a leader within an organization comprised of the best companies in the business, committed to improving our own companies’ and our clients’ through technology and best practices, is most gratifying to NRI,” remarked Magid.

About the ReproMAX Partner of the Year Award

The ReproMAX Partner of the Year Award winner is selected by a majority Vote from the ReproMAX members. All Current ReproMAX members are eligible for the award. The intent of the award is to acknowledge those industry leading firms for their contribution to both ReproMAX and the reprographic industry based on their demonstration of technical and process innovation, industry leadership, and generosity towards company employees, customers, and community.

About ReproMAX

ReproMAX is the world’s largest network of independent reprographers. ReproMAX works to provide superior advantages to its customers ranging from exclusive planroom technology to best-in-class hardware and supplies discounts from the largest vendors in the industry. ReproMAX is focused entirely on the premise of making our associated companies more successful in every market they represent than any other competitive institution. ReproMAX represents over 100 unique and elite companies and encompassing over 280 print locations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Western Europe.


Blog-author's comment:

Until I found this information on NRI's web-site this morning, I was unaware that ReproMAX had such an award,

So, now, I'm wondering if RSA and The PEiR Group each honor a company with an annual "member of the year award". If that is the case and if any of you know which companies RSA and The PEiR Group honored this year, please kindly jot me an e-mail.

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  1. In an email I received today from a gent who is an RSA Member ....

    The RSA does not have a member of the year award but has a Leadership Award. This award is the highest honor an individual can achieve in the RSA. Past winners:

    2008 – John Davis (Alabama Graphics) this was the first year the award was given.
    2009 – Mark Langdon
    2010 – Richard Monsen (Monsen Engineering)
    2011 – Don Goodpasture (The Reproduction Company) Don is the most deserving person of this award. His company is small but he puts his heart and soul into his company and the RSA.