Friday, December 23, 2011

Request for Proposal for Document Imaging and Management System for County of Santa Barbara Human Resources

RFP issued by:

County of Santa Barbara Human Resources

1226 Anacapa Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Andrea Johnson Project Manager

Events and Dates:

Issue RFP - December 9, 2011

RFP responses due - January 9, 2012


Santa Barbara County Human Resources serves as a strategic partner with the Board of Supervisors, the County Executive Officer, twenty-two County departments, and a workforce of approximately 3,600 employees and provides various Human Resources services including employee relations, employee benefits, business management, recruiting, employee training and development, Equal Employment Opportunity, Civil Service Commission support, and position control.

Human Resources is part of the County Executive Office and is responsible for the housing, maintenance, management and control of the confidential personnel files for all County employees. Personnel files are currently predominantly paper files with legal requirements regarding their maintenance, access, and destruction dates. In the last two years, Human Resources has implemented a Countywide Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which takes the majority of the paper out of the process and allows the departments to enter personnel transactions directly into the system. The only paper documents that are sent to Human Resources are backup documentations for the various transactions if necessary.

Human Resources intends to implement a new system in which all paper files are stored and organized electronically. It is the intent that, after document imaging is complete, this new system would allow electronic management of personnel files and provide the ability to add, review, retrieve, and share the information in a more efficient manner than is currently possible in the paper-based system. In addition, the system selected should provide a means for organizing employee files in a manner that makes good business sense and provide controls and limitations for access to the files throughout the organization.

Blog-author’s note: I’ve placed a copy of the RFP document in my Google-Docs library; here’s the link:

Reprographers, for those of you who are interested in learning about the "issues" customers are concerned about - relative to their document imaging and document management requirements - reading through the "questions" section of this RFP document should prove to be an excellent educational opportunity that may help you down the road.

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