Thursday, December 15, 2011

REPROGRAPHICS 101 blog-author’s request for input re: Survey(s)

I’ve been asked by several reprographers to put out another survey, and I’m now in the process of putting together two different surveys – one for “Reprographers only” and one for “all Reprographics 101 visitors”.

Before I complete the list of the questions that will be included in each of these surveys, I’d like at least two currently active reprographers to be my “sounding board” for the survey questions I’ve already come up with …. and to suggest to me additional questions that should be in the Surveys.

If you are willing to assist me (be my sounding board and provide input), please e-mail me to let me know, and I will then forward to you a document that contains a draft of the Survey questions.

Thank you,


One comment about the Surveys I plan on conducting: Like I’ve done in the past, I plan on using Survey Monkey for the survey process. Because of the way Survey Monkey works, I have no idea who participates in the survey. In other words, even though a survey may include questions that some participants might feel ask for confidential information, there’s no way for me to tell who is participating in the survey, meaning that none of the responses participants give can be associated with a particular individual or company.

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