Monday, December 5, 2011

Managed Print Services for the Small Enterprise - an excellent explanation of the MPS business

One way to learn the MPS business is to study the promotional pieces that other companies, those who are already offering MPS programs, create to explain MPS to their customers and prospects.

Here’s the beginning of a promotional piece that American Reprographics Co (ARC) put together (see blue type below and there’s a link to the complete piece at the end of this post.)

You’ll note that this promotional piece appears on the letterhead of ABACUS PCR, which is the technology (software) that ARC’s technology development team created for tracking output, so that ARC would not be reliant on tracking software created by SepiaLine, Technesis, Control Systems or others.

I just finished reading the entire promotional piece, and it is very, very well written. Great explanation of the MPS business.

Managed Print Services for the Small Enterprise

The past 18 months has brought many headlines about architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) companies across the country scrambling to find ways to cope with a steeply declining marketplace.

One way companies cope is drastic cost reduction, as any unnecessary expenses are cut away. One overlooked expense for most companies is the real cost of printing. Yes, printing. Print costs can be significant, especially in industries like construction. A common strategy popular the last few years for reducing overall print costs has been to initiate a Managed Print Services (MPS) agreement with a trusted vendor.

These programs have been quietly effective at reducing the print costs of large corporations. And now these same strategies are being utilized by medium and small enterprises.

So while these benefits are significant and easy to measure for multi-national corporations, for smaller companies it’s difficult to predict the savings. Most architectural firms, for example, employ fewer than 10 people. A company with 5 employees, or even to one with 100 employees, won’t see such significant return on investment in an MPS strategy.

So, how does a small or medium size company reap the benefits from more closely managing their print services?

This paper explores the basic concepts of MPS and looks at how they can be applied in a smaller organization in a cost-effective way.

You can read the complete promotional piece at this Internet address:

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