Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Presswood Quality Blueprints (Nasvhille, TN) went Chapter 7 in 2010

One of the questions asked in the Survey that’s for Reprographers is this one:

“Did any of your competitors sell or go out of business during the time period 2008 to 2011?”

One survey participant indicated that “Presswood” had gone out of business. So, I used my subscription to to find if there was anything in the Pacer system about “Presswood”.

And, here’s what came up:

3:10-bk-03221 Gingras Corporation dba Presswood Quality Blueprints

Case type: Bankruptcy, Chapter: 7, Asset: No, Vol: v Judge: Marian F Harrison, Date filed: 03/25/2010, Date of last filing: 12/21/2010, Date terminated: 12/21/2010

After I saw this, I realized that I’d visited Presswood’s location in downtown Nashville back when I was working and living in Nashville. Presswood Quality Blueprints, a very small “blueprint” shop, was located at 1818 Church Street, Nashville, TN.

Presswood’s creditors got zip, zero, nada.

Presswood’s biggest creditor was a lady (probably a relative) who loaned Gingras the money to purchase Presswood. I don’t know when that loan originated. She (Pamela Waters/Banning of Georgetown, Delaware) was owed $211,334! Yikes!

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